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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Giving a Bit

I thought the day before while rushing to finish a whole bunch of felt pins that I would donate my earnings from today's vending at Brooklyn Flea to the Red Cross. I guess someone heard because I had my best day ever. My normally slow prints went out like hotcakes in the afternoon and I sold twice as many pins as I normally sell. I'm taking it as a sign and the minute I put the money into the bank I'm off to donate to the Red Cross online.

I loved the way my bags came out and above is a picture of it. Many people loved and laughed over them but no luck. I'll be putting them up in my store soon. On another note today was a bit of a mix bag of experiences. I had my first person haggle over my prints and someone pushed my table and broke one of my larger glass frames. I didn't catch who did it as I was busy cleaning up the broken glass. I learned from my wise and experienced booth buddies Yaniamor and KerriBrewer to hold people responsible even if what they broke didn't have a high price tag. It was about principal. In the end it was still a great day.
Coralia @ Yanimore
Also I didn't go away empty handed I brought these fantastic earrings above but in a ruby color and I love them because they're so small and light. They are also sparkly and perfect for someone as petite as me. I have some amethyst colored ones that I wore to a wedding and my family loved them!KerriBrewer
My other awesome booth mate Kerri whose a fantastic photographer mounts her photos on wooden blocks and make them perfect to mix and match to put on a counter, desk or anywhere. The above picture is a beautiful way to arrange her gorgeous work.

Until next time... give ... even if its just a little...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Better Late then Never

Nerd and Chicks 5 x 7 @ LiPeony
Its been a while since I've written but I've been studying for an important test and its pretty funny how I got into this situation. Normally I'm pretty lazy and I love to procrastinate but life always comes along and gives me a kick in the rear end to keep on going forward. That takes me here...

I've always thought about printing a few select designs of my art on simple cotton totes. One of them is definitely the one above. I'd be carrying one around. It'll be great to try something totally different as I've never did it before. So look forward to my trials and errors! =D

Until next time... keep on trying new things!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

When One Wishes for More Hands

Busy Blue Octopus @ LiPeony
Have you ever had one of those days that you feel like you wish you had extra hands to do all the stuff you needed to do? For the past two months I've been studying non-stop for an exam and now with two weeks away it's crunch time! When I'm suppose to be studying my mind and hands wander off to draw, craft, computer, books, do laundry, clean, cook and a host of a gazillion other things. Besides too much stuff to do I find myself lacking the discipline to focus. That I find so hard...

Do you have any tips on focusing on the need to do vs. the want to do?

Until next time... my focus needs more focus!