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Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty Packaging

Prints @ LiPeony
Today started out great and I woke up to a sale of my "Choose Your Own Three 5 x 7 Prints" and it was a gift. The buyer requested that I wrap it and also include a note or card. My sister had taken all my wonderful wrapping paper to school as she had many friends whose birthdays just happen to all fall on the same month >_> . Instead I used the beautiful origami paper I had and made a sort of obi like packaging. For prints I don't like to cover up the art too much and I think this looks very neat. But I don't know... what do you think?

Here are some wonderful ways to spruce up your packaging whether you have a shop or if you want to add that jazz to any gift.
Japanese Masking Tape @ PrettyTape

If you have some plain wrapping paper like kraft paper or something you can jazz it up using pretty tape. The colorful solid tape above is perfect and there are also tons of other sticky tapes that have patterns on it like flowers and stuff. The patterned ones are generally extremely cute and great for kid's presents. You can use the tape to make patterns on the box like create stripes. Pillow Boxes @ LilithEvy
Or if you rather keep it simple these beautiful pillow boxes would take all the fussing with ribbons and gift wrapping out. I love these by LilithEvy because of the different patterns and you can always reuse these boxes to put in other things. I think they're totally cute.

Gift Boxes @ ecovintagevegan
Another great eco friendly idea is to use interesting pictures and articles from old magazines, newspapers, posters and wrap it around plain boxes. It saves you money on gift wrapping and gives a unique touch to the gift boxes. You can also add in other things like vintage stamps, ribbons, buttons and scrap booking little things.

There are tons and tons of other ideas and the sky is really the limit. I've also included some articles below on gift wrapping.
Some articles About Packaging =D
Seller How-To: Packaging Ideas
Service Tips for Sellers: Packaging and Shipping
Fabulous Packaging and Wrapping With rikrak (includes awesome videos and ideas!)
Seller How-To: Pretty as a Package
Packaging Do's and Don'ts (forum with tips on what not to do or to do =D)
Flickr: Packaging Ideas (vast amounts of pictures of packaging)

Until next time... how do you wrap your gifts or was there any packaging/gift wrapping that really made you go wow?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photography of Art

A Mushroom Nap Print @ LiPeony
Doing combination of digital and sketching artwork I don't usually take photos of my art but after several critiques they suggested I have photos of my art. This shows the actual print and I added my hand to use as a size measurement of the prints. Since today was cloudy it made for very nice diffused natural light.
Sea of Tea Print @ LiPeony
It took me hours of taking picture and editing over 300 pictures and there are still many I'm dissatisfied. I've been re-hauling my shop and putting in some limited edition 5 x 5 semi gloss prints. Sort of small Spring cleaning =D. It is one of those times to take a look at your shop and see how to brush it up.

Here are some tips to help on Spring Cleaning Your Shop:
Etsy Success For Beginners
Great Collection of "MakeOver Series"
There are a lot of sources online and in books but I think the best is to look at your shop from a different angle. Like stepping into another person's shoes gives you a insightful perspective.

Until next time... open the windows and let in the fresh breeze! =D

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pastel Fun

I'm glad to hear on how other people wind down. I sure can go for a nice winding down right now =D . It's been a while since I've used pastels. Today I was feeling rather restless and I drew up an outline of this little critter that ran along my page at class today. Though originally I had him frowning and grumpy but I was thinking I should draw what I want to feel and that was to be calmingly content. So I had the little monster smile as he enjoyed the first flowers of spring. I forgot how great it was to use my fingers to blend the colors together. Though my photos don't show how bright the colors are.

Here's to a nice happy weekend, wish ya has a great weekend too =D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Step Back and Relax

Ah it's been a while but it's been pretty hectic lately. Spring vacation hit the school and I ended up having to sub for people going on vacations, sick, weddings, funeral. Boy am I tired. I did have a wonderful four day mini vacation with my bf but couldn't hit Washington D.C for the Cherry Blossom Festival =( . I also ended up finishing a few sketches like the one above. I really loved how it turned out and figuring out the lighting and shadows was an especially fun challenge!

I've been so busy I've forgotten to do answer a few questions:
To LittleClouds on where I got the Panda Head and costume: My cousin got it from ebay for his club and I've decided to use it to cosplay during Otakon =D.
To Pili on whether it'll be too hot to wear it for Otakon: Hopefully it won't be too overwhelmingly hot in Baltimore. Otakon is held in the convention center where it is (thankfully) air conditioned. I think the hotel that is booked this year is close to the convention center so I won't be outside for too long =D

I think life goes by so fast and we're bombarded with everyday things that we forget we need a little break. The above lil print reminds me to sit back and relax with a steaming cup of green tea and have hot bath melt away those daily stress that builds up.

Until next time... what do you do to relax and unwind from the everyday? =D