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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boy Prints Ahoy!

Dinosaur and Chibi Boy @ LiPeony

The weather has been awfully nice lately and its definitely a pleasant change then those cold spells and blizzards this winter was filled with. Unfortunately with this sudden change of weather I always have Spring fever/cold . Anyways I hope everyone else is doing great! I had many people tell me I should make more boy oriented art and inspired by my 10 year old brother I did! The one above is the first one... I loved dinosaurs as a kid and had so many picture books of dinosaurs and at one point wanted to be a paleontologist. Now my brother has those books and he loves looking at all the different dinosaurs. I do have some others to be done so look forward to some more Chibi Boy adventures!

After a lot of procrastination I decided to make a Facebook fanpage HERE. If you want to please "like" it.For some reason it was extremely frustrating for me to set up until finally I realized I had to do everything as admin account not as my fanpage account. Weird. I'm still not sure what to do with it... what's your fanpage and what do you do with it?

Until next time... enjoy the super awesome weather!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherry Blossom Trip

Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC was awesome though me and the bf got there during the tail end of the festival. Though unfortunately there was this big rain storm on Friday that seem to have swept a good amount of the blossoms away. We did take some pictures of the remaining blossoms like above. The biggest highlight for me was the Sakura Matsuri which was this giant street fair filled to the brim with shops that highlighted Japanese culture and food. There were three different concert like areas that had different performances. Even though the sky was overcast everyone seemed to have a great time. I did try the grilled squid which was yummy and some kitsune udon. There were people in both cosplays and traditional kimonos.
The rest of the city was blooming in beautiful colors and these are some of the pictures. The above believe is the Smithsonian Visitor Center but I'm not sure. We happened on this large tulip field in the shape of a number one. We walked all over the city and even around the Tidal Basin. By the end of the trip our legs were aching but its the best way to enjoy the sites.

Until next time... get those walking shoes on and stop to smell the roses...