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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And the Winner is......!

Little Gift Giving Chicks Print @ LiPeony

A number was randomly generated and the winner is...

Pesky Cat Designs!

CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you to everyone that participated and here's a 25% off coupon to my art store LiPeony. Just input the coupon code IHEARTNYC . I hope everyone have an awesome holidays and even though we may be frantic with the shopping, gift giving, partying, planning etc... remember to take some time out and relax!

Until next time... live, love and relaaaaaaaaaax!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chibi's NYC Contest!

Green Tea Cup Spa @ LiPeony

Who else is stressed over the holidays and need a nice pick me up? Or if you're going to be visiting NYC soon then here's a little contest for you guys! I've made a mini prize of the new Chibi's Guide to NYC Eats (a limited run of a mini illustrated zine with info on some of my favorite eats in the city, also includes spaces for note taking) also a "Choose Your Three 5 x 7 Prints" from LiPeony I recently brought an extra spa voucher to Townhouse Spa in New York City and I thought it would be a great little prize for a contest! It's for a mani/pedi and also massage or facial and worth $300 (of course tip is not included so you still have to tip them) This expires October 25th 2011. I'll be sending everything in one package to the winner.

For the Chibi Luvs NYC Giveaway:
1. Mini Chibi Food zine
2. Three 5 x 7 Prints of your choosing
3. A single spa voucher to Townhouse Spa (expires 10/25/11 for mani/pedi and facial or massage)

To Enter leave a post here with your name and email (some way I can contact you) and the THREE prints you would like from my store LiPeony. On December 14, 2010 I'll randomly pull a name out. Happy Holidays to all!

Until next time... spread the cheer around...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek to Chibi's Mini Guide to NYC Yummies!

I'm extremely excited to give you a sneak peek of a mini food guide of my favorite places in New York City. It's going to be a couple of pages of illustrated goodness with restaurant addresses and small tips on some of my favorite eateries. I'm planning on making it about wallet sized with some blank pages for note taking and stuffs. The one above is for my "Ramen" page and I'm trying my hardest to finish some for Brooklyn Flea this Sunday that I will be vending at. I'm also planning to give a copy or two away for the upcoming NYC Giveaway I will be introducing hopefully this weekend or at the very least early next week. So keep an eye out for it!

Until next time... live, love and eat tons of good food!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

DIY Flowers for Wedding? Hmm?

For a wedding for about 300 people and about 34-36 tables my friend decided to go though the DIY flower centerpiece arrangements. It took about 8-9 hours to create a bouquet of 15 roses (salmon and light pink color) for 30 odd tables. Though for the first few hours it was just two people making it but it sure got a whole lot quicker when five people were bunching them up. If you're going though the DIY route you better have time set up for:

1. re-hydrating flowers ( can take up to 12 hours)
2. make sure you have enough buckets and room to store them.
3. good pair of gloves and shears etc (if you need to de-thorn them)
(not all roses are created equal- the salmon colored one had bigger but fewer thorns compared to the pale pink one)
4. Watch or print out some DIY tutorials on how to arrange flowers.
5. great slaves... I mean friends to help you out.

All in all the flowers (600-700 roses) and four bridesmaid bouquets, 1 bridal bouquet and a throwaway bouquet (all premade) and vases roughly came out to under 2k. They were ordered from Grower's Box (For some reason they don't deliver on Mondays but the flowers did arrive earlier then expected by Fedex. They have instructions and I think they also provide some tools to help cut the flowers. The flowers were fairly fresh and looked nice) . Another similar site is Fiftyflowers. The vases the flowers were put in were at a dollar a piece came from Dollar Tree (They can ship it to the store to be picked up and let me opened and inspect every single vase before I left the store).

It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun as we all rushed to make everything ready for the wedding that turned out to be an awesome time!

On a side not I'll be vending at the Brooklyn Flea this Sunday so if you're in the neighborhood stop on by! Also I'll be announcing a new contest sometime this week and it's going to be a doozy!

Until next time... have an awesome day!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick Peep for Fall

It's been a while since I updated and it's been busy busy! I've been helping my friend and her wedding this Thanksgiving and it's drawing mighty close! I'll have photos of the DIY things I did with help from my buddies. I'm in the middle of making tiny personalized tags for the chopstick favors and just finished creating the "money box" where people stuff monetary gifts for the couple. Wrapping fabric around a box is hard then it looks!

The uniqueness of this wedding is that its a blend of a traditional Chinese and white wedding. This is my first time as a bridesmaid it's definitely an eye opener on traditions and the actual cost and time that goes into it. There's the traditional tea ceremony where teas are exchanged with both sides of the family as a sign of respect and union. The banquet is usually around 8 different dishes (8 in Chinese sounds similar to the word "good luck") and each dish has it's own significance. For details this site explains what each dish represents Chinese Banquet. I hope to take some awesome pictures if I'm not too busy to running around.

Until then here's a little deer and fall inspired print. It took a couple hours of tweaking and putting it down and picking it up until I was satisfied! I hope everyone is having an awesome autumn!

Until next time... eat them turkey and be thankful =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crafts in Chelsea Wrap Up

Last Saturday I vended at Crafts in Chelsea which is a joint fundraiser between the NewNewTeam and P.S. 11. Needless to say it was a huge success! The school raised about $8,000 and imagine all the extra programs this will provide! That day was also unbelievably WINDY! There was reported 50mph gusts and I definitely do not doubt that. I was sharing a space with Linda from PurtyBird and in the midst of our stuff getting blown over, displays falling, items strewn to the wind we had a lot of frustrated fun. This was my first time really in a weather situation I found it very funny because I feel there's just so much I can do and I should just try to find the humor in the situation. Linda was the funniest and most awesome share. She was extremely helpful and very cool to talk to!
Fortunately around 12:30 we got moved to another space down on the street and it was a godsend. The wind was just a breeze, there was sunlight and it was warm. For some reason our first spot was this vortex of wind that never stopped. My display still needs a lot of work. I managed to buy some 5 x 7 binder sleeves and those are totally awesome. It makes it so much easier for people to flip though and look at my prints. They were also protected and didn't fly off thanks to the wind. I will have to buy more.That day I was surprised that many people brought prints. I ran out of my Animal Trio because people wanted to buy them for their nursery or for a baby shower.

People also brought my pins. I had taped them to my big orange box to prevent them from being blown away and that actually made it easier to browse and choose a pin. Maybe it was because of the extremely bright orange-red fabric of the box but it caught a lot of people's eyes. Also people love love bright colors. All my orange goldfish pins were sold along with my red panda pins.

Another thing I notice is that even though it's somewhat close to Christmas (maybe?) most of the people who brought stuff from me brought it for themselves. I guess it's present buying time isn't really here yet. Though I've been very busy doing custom orders which I looooove doing! So if you want some custom print (I've been doing families and weddings a lot) just pop a convo to me at LiPeony.

I also brought some awesome things at the fair too but that's for another post =D

Here's Linda from PurtyBird with her awesome felt monsters and scrabble tiled necklaces and glass tile magnets. People really liked buying small ticket items but when they did they usually brought more then one.
Here's a victory pose at the end of the fair of me and Linda! WE SURVIVED!

Here are some tips for surviving windy craft fair day (gleaned from NewNewTeam)!
  1. If you are going to bring a tent bring some study weights to weight it down and also weigh down your table (s). (A lot of people bring in empty plastic cartons and fill it with water when they get to the fair)
  2. Try not to put sides to the tent because it'll act like a sail and your tent can hurt someone.
  3. Or better yet don't even bring a tent if you can help it.
  4. Have lots of tape and clamps!
  5. Find out the weather beforehand!
  6. Have your displays laid flat (clamped securely if possible).
  7. Have a container for you biz cards. You don't want those to fly away.
  8. Remember if things get too hairy... breathe... you'll recall this day and laugh =)
Due to the success of my felt pins... I'll be bringing them back to my shop later this week =)

Until next time... don't get bloooooownnnn awaaaaaay!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Outer Space and Earth Adventures

Everyone was wondering what the "3,2,1 Blast Off" teaser by the Etsy Twitter was talking about. Apparently in celebration of the space program NASA and Etsy have teamed up for a CRAFT CONTEST! Basically creating an original work dedicated/inspired by space, stars, astronauts, spaceships and all that outer space goodness! The above little print is what I've sent in. This print was first drawn about a year ago but never got around to finishing it. While working on it yesterday I realized that I had to rework it from scratch as my technique evolved. You know what? I think it came out looking great =D .

The grand prize is a trip to see a real life space shuttle launch! Now that is super cool! Also your art is aboard the space shuttle too... I think. Double cool! I encourage everyone to participate as it's fun and really... I'm sure everyone has dreamed about being an astronaut at least once.. On earthly adventures. Tomorrow is going to be my first and probably last craft fair for this year at Crafts In Chelsea unless I muster something for December. November is going to be full of helping my friend prepare for her wedding! Its on 21st street between 8th and 9th avenue. Though I heard the weather is going to be mighty windy... le sigh. Good thing I've managed to buy 5 x 7 binder sleeves for my prints. I'm planning to put them into two binders so people can flip though them like a book as opposed to just laying them flat in piles which I've always done. I'm also in the process of making a banner out of felt and embroidery thread. I'll take some pictures of it when it is done. I'll be selling mostly 5 x 7 prints, frames, rest of my felt pins and cards. Hope me luck tomorrow!

Until next time... to outer space and BEYOND!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York Comic Con 2010

This weekend I attend New York Comic Con / New York Animefest 2010 for the first time. It's located all the way on the west side and is a pretty far trek from any subway station. Though I am a sci-fi and know a bit about comics and superheroes (I grew up watching all the cartoons of the 1990's from Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Incredible Hunk, Fantastic Four, X-men) there was a lot more to this convention that was outside my realm. When you first see the Javits Center where it is held you are daunted by the fact that it spans some 4-5 blocks and there are hundreds of people milling about. Once you go in there's a huge "Welcome Banner."
I went with my boyfriend and my little brother. Kids get in for free on Sunday =D. My little brother (10) loved it! Intel made up a huge chunk of the convention hall that involved gaming. The huge screen above streamed previews, live broadcasts of the newest things and also streamed live game tournaments like Starcraft 2 and Counterstrike.
The highlight for me were these replicated race cars that people could sit and drive in a racing game. I thought that was really awesome. The line was extremely long and my little brother gave up after half an hour of waiting. They also showcase their new computers which I must say looks very nice. I'm basing this on just how visually appealing they were. They were stark white with clear inside and had all these lights and stuff. I'm not much of a computer savvy person. In that same room were autograph and artist alley section.
To the right was another huge convention hall with all the vendors. There were a lot of big companies like Nintendo, Marvel, Square Enix etc with playable stations featuring some of their new games. My boyfriend was gaga over the new Golden Sun for DS, I had a taste of FF14 the online game and saw people playing some favorites of mine like Dead Space 2 and the new Spiderman game.

Here was main platform for Marvel I believe. They would give out free things like signed posters, replicas of the characters, t shirts etc. As usual there is a huge huge huge crowd clamoring for them so I usually just avoid them. Stan Lee was also present and was signing autographs and greeting fans. I arrived late so I didn't get to see him =(. A friend did get to shake his hand and he was totally amazed. The wii also showcased the new Micheal Jackson: The Experience dancing game. It was a big hit. Everyone wanted to try it. Several people went up on stage to play the game and dance to his greatest hits. At the end there's always a huge explosion of smoke and everyone cheered. I couldn't help but take a picture of this cosplay based on a lovable game called Castle Crashers which is highly addictive and oh so cute! Speaking of cute isn't this SuperPooch so adorable? He was the model for the small vendor that sold pet costumes. I also saw a Yoda Pooch somewhere =D.

Another amazing sight was this remote controlled R2D2. It moved, it had lights and had all the classic R2D2 sound effects. That was really awesome to see.
Here's some more Star Wars love. Everyone was lining up for the show in which people choreographed fights using light sabers and preformed them for all to see. That was pretty nifty.The highlight of my weekend there was being there with the cast and crew of V a sci-fi series on ABC. Though I haven't seen too much of the series. I'm a huge fan of Firefly and really happy I got to see Morena Baccarin =D . There were three cast members and producer and they were really interactive and entertaining.

Overall I really liked the experience though a few things were lacking. One was that the AnimeFest was delegated to a pretty small and seemingly unfinished wing of the center but then again it's the first year so it's not perfect. Another one was the autograph sessions times and people were nowhere to be found unless you ran to the crowded autograph section or went online. I would like a hard copy at the convention so I can plan while I am there. There was also some pretty bad "con funk" (aka people who seem to forget to take a shower or wear deodorant). Besides that it was fun. I will have to see who and what is going on next year before I decide to attend.

I hope you guys enjoyed the quick rundown on some things during Comic-con =D
Until next time... get out there and delve in the fantasy of superheroes ever so often!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's that time again, this September 22 is the Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival. My friend said something very important whilst we were in bakery where people were clamoring for boxes of these mooncakes. "Why do we celebrate the Mooncake Festival?" Being born and raised in the USA sometimes we are caught too much into mainstream culture that we sometimes forget our heritage's culture and traditions.

That is the first thing I asked my parents. "Why do we celebrate the Mooncake Festival?" My dad replied that in China this was when the rice had ripened and was harvested. The people who worked in the huge rice patties sometimes far away from their families would go back home and celebrate being a family. Coincidentally this is also the month when the moon is at it's fullest and brightest. The moon being whole reflects the time when the family is once again whole. During this time people would celebrate by baking things and eating things that were round... like pomelos and mooncakes. There are also other myths related to this day such as the Goddess Chang'e and the one about the Jade Rabbit.

Mooncakes are these pastries that are normally roundish. Inside has stuffing made from lotus seeds paste with a whole egg yolk in the middle. The outside is thin and flaky and the inside is generally sweet and thick Though nowadays they also make them with all sorts of filling such as red bean, mango, lychee, green tea... to name a few. The one on top is inscribed with the characters indicating the filling inside and the bakery it hails from.

It would be very rare to find mooncakes unless it was from an Asian bakery and they're fairly expensive it's about $20 a box. I was very happy I asked because I had learned the reason on why we have these traditions and holidays. If someone were to ask me why we celebrated the Moon Festival I'd say what my dad said... to celebrate family...

Until next time... have a happy Moon Festival day =)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dumplings nom nom!

Dumpling time at my house and my mom just happen to be making some and I jumped on the chance to take pictures of her in action! Dumplings are fairly easy to make and keep for a long time the freezer. It takes about 10 minutes to cook'em up which is great for breakfast or a a snack. Also you can put in a whole lot of different stuffing. The dumpling skin my mom got the premade ones and they're about slightly bigger then the palm of your hands.

She got her little work station set up. On the top is the dumpling skin, a single cracked egg in a bowl, the chives and shrimp stuffing mixture and a lightly flour dusted pan to put the made dumplings on.
First mom puts in a nice spoonful of stuffing in the center.

She dabs her finger in the egg white mixture and spreads it along the edges of the dumpling.
Then she pinches them tightly.
Then folds the outside corner. I assume this is to prevent stuffing from coming out when you're cooking them.
And ta-da! Dumpling! There are many different ways to make dumplings and many types of dumplings. Which reminds me if you don't have the time to make these little delectable there's The Dumpling Festival in Manhattan this month September 25th! Check it out =D.

Until next time... keep on cooking!

Friday, September 3, 2010

DIY Wedding Invites

The real reason I've been extremely busy this last couple of weeks was doing a favor for my buddy and making her wedding invitations. The above is the final result. The blank pocket invitation was part of a DIY from AC Moore though there are other stores online and in stores that sell blank pocket invitations. This is when those coupons come in handy! They ended up being around $11 for 25 pack that consisted of the pocket invite, invite envelope, RSVP card, RSVP envelope, and two/three various sheets of printable paper for the invite itself and maybe directions etc.
The cherry blossom design was made by me and has soft petals falling down as per her suggestion. For this I printed the invite on bright white card stock that was 4.5" x 6.5" an odd size but with some tweaking was able to print it. Using double sticky tape (ones in dispensers aka tape runner) designed for photos and scrap booking we (me and my other buddy!) stuck the invite on pearlescent pink 5 x 7 card stock and that onto the brown pocket invite. (I highly suggest not using glue for this as it may cause the paper to bubble and warp as it dries). I also printed out the RSVPs and address on the RSVP envelopes.
There was this odd little slot on the pocket for like a card to slip into but to my dismay it was smaller then business card size. My friend saw this other invite with a cute calender with the date circled on it. So we made a calender and stuck it on covering the slits.
Last but not least my friend wanted to put a wax seal to fasten the envelope. She brought a metal stamp with the character "double happiness" on it. She brought a glue gun and the wax sticks that was a champagne color but against the slightly metallic brown pocket invite looked slightly good. This one was a challenge. The wax is melted into the glue gun and my friend made a dime sized puddle on wax paper where I put the seal (that was soaked in ice cold water) onto it and waited about 10 seconds and ta-da! Every time one seal was finished I had to dip the seal in cold water so that the metal seal won't adhere to the wax. (We made a lot of booboos here)

To me the best way was to have a nickel sized drop on wax paper and have the stamp cold from being in ice cold water. Gently press on the molten wax and count till 10 and gently remove it. Press one finger on the wax paper while removing it. Though it's recommended that the wax paper also be cool which would make it easier to remove the seal from the paper like maybe cold damp cloth underneath but I didn't get the chance to try it.

We gently removed the emblem from the wax sheet and put a glue dot on the envelope and the seal on it. We get the above. Not too shabby! It reminds me of the old fashioned royal sealed super important documents which is what my friend was going for.

Next up centerpieces? Table cards? Bouquets and Boutineers? OH MY!

Until next time... what's your DIY project?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yarns on the Brains

I've been going though an artist block though maybe it could be due to the heat wave coming though. Yesterday I did have a stroke of inspiration and drew some new sketches like the one above and I'll be having some Chibi Boy drawings up too! I'm very excited since at craft fairs people ask whether I have some boy drawings. Which reminds me of a forum post I was reading about "Etsy Product Gaps" which mentions the lack of boys and men items. If you want some ideas or mention something of your own it's still quite active so check it out!
Lately I've been busy between making something for a friend and also crocheting away a blanket for my boyfriend. I just think of it as a really really big scarf. So far the length covers a king size bed and the width is 18 inches and building. I used about 6 skeins of yarn and i brought four more but I know I will need a lot more. My deadline is the third week of September... so a bit a day... a bit a day.

Which reminds me living in NYC the closest Micheal's is quite a bit away and the nearest A.C Moore is somewhere in Long Island or New Jersey... so I rely on this small place called P & S Fabrics Corp in Lower Manhattan. The place is fairly big and they have tons of yarn including the one color yarn that neither Micheal's or A.C Moore sold (to my dismay) and crochet/knitting supplies. They also have random notions... ribbons, thread, fabric chalk, buttons etc. I spent tons of time browsing though the patterns that include things from kid's costumes to everyday wear. I found a Pokemon pattern I want to try!
They also have a lot of fabric including some cheap scraps which are pretty big. There's also a downstairs for heavy fabrics and batting. One thing I did like about this place is that it's cheaper to buy using cash like 50 cents cheaper here and there but they add up. The things were slightly more organized then the other fabric places I've been to in NYC. The location and the sheer variety of stuff they have makes this place a go-to for me. Plus it's also close to Pearl Paint a huge store of art supplies etc.

I found out about another knit/crochet store close by in SoHo called Purlsoho that looks very very promising. I will have to stop by sometime today =D . As you can see I'm a pretty big fan of Yelp because it offers reviews and comments on tons of stores and places in the city. If you're ever in NYC and wonder about places Yelp is a great place to gauge where you want to go.

Until next time... get crafty!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Belated Goodies

It's been forever but I finally got the pictures from my boyfriend's camera! Here's all the swag I got from Otakon! Besides the usual maps/event list/magazine that comes with the Otakon bag I brought five shirts one for my old college roomier, her fiance, my other h.s. college buddy, my cousin and my sister. I also snagged some cute cute pins (I'm a sucker for pins) and went to the "Welcome to the Space Show" Panel.
The production staff who created that movie also created "Read or Die" which is the anime that my cosplay "Yomiko Readman" is from. I got to see them and they were so polite and there was a lot of thoughtful questions between the audience and the staff. What really made my day was when it was the staff's turn to ask the audience question, one of them asked about my cosplay. I was way too shy to say anything. I also got all three autographs on the first R.O.D manga and had them sign it to "Yomiko" and it was great to see them and I think it was a surprise that they saw someone cosplay as Yomiko since the series is fairly old. I blushed like mad when they commented I made a cute Yomiko. This experience has made this Otakon the best of the four years I've been attending this convention.
Here's me doing what Yomiko Readman does best.. reading =)
For More Otakon Pictures check out my Flickr =D

Until next time... be inspired by inspiring people!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fireflies and Shadows

Jar of Fireflies @ LiPeony
So odd it's already mid August and I see people gearing up for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I'm still not ready to say good bye to those lazy days of summer. Lately I've had a huge artist block and after looking at my drawings decided to do another firefly silhouette piece. There's something about fireflies that literally makes them magic you find in your backyard. Besides the fact that their light emission is like 98% efficient it reminds me of that lazy day with my bf a few years back when he caught me some fireflies. Even though I am afraid of bugs these fireflies were amazing... I have lived in the city all my life so this was the first time I've witness their magic for myself. They are really magical... now I know why they hold this place in people's hearts... it's the tiny things... nature's tiny living stars...

until next time... the most wonderful things come in the smallest package...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Otakon Cosplay

Otakon this year was the best. This would be the 3rd or 4th time I went. Between me and my bf we took tons of pictures of the cosplays and some are on my Flickr account. Here are some highlights of cosplays I thought that were cool. The above picture is looking over the fountain in the Baltimore Convention Center. This year it was so huge it took up the entire center and also part of the Hilton Hotel. The weather was beautiful and fortunate enough the weekend was between heat waves so it was very nice. The lines this year went by pretty fast with the new barcode system. I must have waited less then half an hour to get my badge. Unfortunately this year the badges they had to offer wasn't so diverse so I opted for a crab playing some drums.
The above I think is from Megaman. I love Megaman series and how they just name the characters. Like the guy that has the snake on his head is appropriately named "Snakeman" but as for the Lightbulbman I can't confirm his name. The reason I love this cosplay besides the throwback to classic games the light bulb on top of the head actually lights up! Now that's awesome. The battery pack was in the schoolbag hanging in front of him.
Another awesome throwback is these Street Fighter group of M. Bison, Ryu and Juri. I think they did an awesome job. There was also a martial arts skit done of Street Fighter and it's always great to see one. The ones above are a cosplay of this fictional boy band made of top Japanese Comedians that parodies today's boy bands. They did have a very infectious hit called "Yatta" which is an encouragement song that despite the economic uncertainty you're still breathing and there's always tomorrow. They were on Jimmy Kimmel Live and hilariously weird.

There were way too many cosplays to mention as so many of them took a lot of time and effort. This year was no disappointment but there were tons of cosplays I didn't see when I browse other people's photos. This year close to 30,000 people attended. I'm waiting to get the pictures of my own cosplay out of my bf's DSRL camera so I can post them and also of all the swag I bagged =D!

Until next time... "Yatta!" (we did it!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Simple Congee

Every culture and country has it's own version of a food that is homey and in China "Jook/Congee" is that homey food perfect food that's warm, soothing and great for people who are ailing. My sister caught a pretty bad cold so I decided to try my hand at making some congee. I used the Rice Congee Soup Recipe as a base and changed it a bit to mimic the awesome congee my grandma use to make.
Ingredients (makes about 4-5 bowls):
1 cup of rice
9 cups of water
half an inch knob of ginger
1 tbls of salt (normally about 2 tbls but since the meat is already salty I halved it)
fist size salted pork

Slice the pork into small fingertip sized bites. Cut the outside of the ginger and leave whole (my grandpa suggested to leave the skin on because it's suppose to have some kind of healing properties) Add all the ingredients to a pot and boil it until it reaches your ideal consistency (some like congee watery and some like it more thick). Watch the pot or else it'll boil over. I usually boil it with the cover on for half an hour and then leave it to boil uncovered for another half an hour. Ta-da easy breezy and very good for colds/flu or a weak stomach. You can also substitute other things in it like different meats or seasonings. Green onion, tiny dried shrimps and scallops are common. Thousand year old eggs are also used if you like the unique flavor. My sister appreciated the congee and said it was surprisingly good. Here's a simple recipe if you ever need some comfort food =)

Until next time... stay well =)