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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yarns on the Brains

I've been going though an artist block though maybe it could be due to the heat wave coming though. Yesterday I did have a stroke of inspiration and drew some new sketches like the one above and I'll be having some Chibi Boy drawings up too! I'm very excited since at craft fairs people ask whether I have some boy drawings. Which reminds me of a forum post I was reading about "Etsy Product Gaps" which mentions the lack of boys and men items. If you want some ideas or mention something of your own it's still quite active so check it out!
Lately I've been busy between making something for a friend and also crocheting away a blanket for my boyfriend. I just think of it as a really really big scarf. So far the length covers a king size bed and the width is 18 inches and building. I used about 6 skeins of yarn and i brought four more but I know I will need a lot more. My deadline is the third week of September... so a bit a day... a bit a day.

Which reminds me living in NYC the closest Micheal's is quite a bit away and the nearest A.C Moore is somewhere in Long Island or New Jersey... so I rely on this small place called P & S Fabrics Corp in Lower Manhattan. The place is fairly big and they have tons of yarn including the one color yarn that neither Micheal's or A.C Moore sold (to my dismay) and crochet/knitting supplies. They also have random notions... ribbons, thread, fabric chalk, buttons etc. I spent tons of time browsing though the patterns that include things from kid's costumes to everyday wear. I found a Pokemon pattern I want to try!
They also have a lot of fabric including some cheap scraps which are pretty big. There's also a downstairs for heavy fabrics and batting. One thing I did like about this place is that it's cheaper to buy using cash like 50 cents cheaper here and there but they add up. The things were slightly more organized then the other fabric places I've been to in NYC. The location and the sheer variety of stuff they have makes this place a go-to for me. Plus it's also close to Pearl Paint a huge store of art supplies etc.

I found out about another knit/crochet store close by in SoHo called Purlsoho that looks very very promising. I will have to stop by sometime today =D . As you can see I'm a pretty big fan of Yelp because it offers reviews and comments on tons of stores and places in the city. If you're ever in NYC and wonder about places Yelp is a great place to gauge where you want to go.

Until next time... get crafty!


Pili said...

That's such a cute print!
And thanks a lot for the info on Yelp! I'll know how to check places out when I finally end up visiting the Big Apple!

cabin + cub said...

I have always wanted to learnt to crochet... still can't get the hang of it. Love your illustration! ;)

Walk in the Woods said...

Merry creating. And … I LOVE your drawings! That little basket head is just charming!