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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Belated Goodies

It's been forever but I finally got the pictures from my boyfriend's camera! Here's all the swag I got from Otakon! Besides the usual maps/event list/magazine that comes with the Otakon bag I brought five shirts one for my old college roomier, her fiance, my other h.s. college buddy, my cousin and my sister. I also snagged some cute cute pins (I'm a sucker for pins) and went to the "Welcome to the Space Show" Panel.
The production staff who created that movie also created "Read or Die" which is the anime that my cosplay "Yomiko Readman" is from. I got to see them and they were so polite and there was a lot of thoughtful questions between the audience and the staff. What really made my day was when it was the staff's turn to ask the audience question, one of them asked about my cosplay. I was way too shy to say anything. I also got all three autographs on the first R.O.D manga and had them sign it to "Yomiko" and it was great to see them and I think it was a surprise that they saw someone cosplay as Yomiko since the series is fairly old. I blushed like mad when they commented I made a cute Yomiko. This experience has made this Otakon the best of the four years I've been attending this convention.
Here's me doing what Yomiko Readman does best.. reading =)
For More Otakon Pictures check out my Flickr =D

Until next time... be inspired by inspiring people!


Pili said...

You indeed were a VERY cute Yomiko!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Looks like you had a great time!