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Friday, February 25, 2011

Coffee Love!

Today I'm on a coffee loving trip. On those occasions when I have a pounding headache or just feeling all drained in the morning... coffee works its magic. There are zillions of different ways to make coffee... sugar or not, cream or not, hazelnut, french vanilla and all those different coffee beans. One of my favorite places in Wholefoods and Dean & Deluca is passing by the coffee section. The aroma is heavenly and each one is subtle. Now I sound like a crazy person obsessed over coffee but it's one heck of a drink.

Here's some Coffee love from the NewNewTeam!

Kitchen Scrubby Soap @ nordeasoaperie
Light coffee scrubby soap? Yes Please! Best part of waking up is the smell of coffee in your home. Yes Please!

Coffee Button @ suzanneartist
The perfect funny button for any coffee lover and I have once in a while drank a wee bit too much coffee and acted all jittery for hours.
Handmade Weekly Planner @ PriaVanda
Whilst you are drinking your coffee and getting charged up for the rest of the day now its the perfect time to check out whats in store. The above satin planner is perfect little book to jot down everyday things you need to do.

Until next time.. get that cup of joe and get ready for the rest of the day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Love Cards

I must confess I am not one of the neatest person in the world so when I was searching for something else I found these tiny kraft envelopes I brought from Muji almost a year ago. I decided to make some mini cards using another long lost craft I use to do which was rubber stamping carving. I used an old cupcake and heart stamp and carved a new cloud one. I used some sparkle modpodge on the cupcake hearts and I Heart U though the camera didn't pick up the sparkles too well. I used Memento Dew Drop stamping pads which are fantastic because you can cover both large areas and also tiny details of a stamp. As usual I washed my rubber stamps with StazOn All Purpose Cleaner. It feels so great to be crafty and using materials that I've brought long ago. I'll be seeing how well they fare in the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday March 26 when I'll be vending at.
On another sadder note... Borders has filed for bankruptcy and the store near me is closing out slashing their prices. I hope someone buys them because I still love flipping though actual paper books rather then those e-readers and what not. I did pick up this lovely puzzle above. Impossible puzzle! Ha! I laugh at your face! Once I buy a puzzle frame to put it in I'll get started. My sister and I love building puzzles and we have a 1000 piece of "Disney though the Years" hanging in the living room. I picked this puzzle because of the picture of all the butterflies and it looks so random and packed but you can make out each individual butterfly.

Until next time... build something fantastic and challenging!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spot of Spring

Sunflower Love Song Print @ LiPeony

Oh you weather fiend... after months of coldness and snowstorms we just got a touch of Spring and right around Valentine's day so that's pretty awesome! I visited the Philadelphia Art Museum... yes the place where Rocky ran up those steps. The building itself was beautiful and the art inside was gorgeous. My favorite ones were the rooms modeled after Japanese Tea Houses, various temples and fountains from around the world. I also got to view some wonderful Monet pieces. If you are going to go every first Sunday is "Pay what you want" so I suggest going then as normally it's around $12 for student and more for non students. They do have a free coat check which is very appreciated. I still love the Met at NYC. hehe.

Until next time... visited any cool museums lately or anywhere during this break of wonderful Spring like weather?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Cotton Candy Balloon Bunny @ LiPeony

Happy Chinese New Year to all! This is the year of the bunny! If you're born on these years 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 or 2012 then you're a rabbit. New Year's is a time to reflect and be thankful for family and friends. So hope everyone all snug and warm with their loved ones today!

Until next time Happy Chinese New Year!