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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RAWR! Take on the World!

Have you ever waked up ready to take on the world? Well sort of feel like that today. I was humming the "Rocky" theme song putting my clothes on adn even brushing my teeth. Yesterday was a really crappy day due to P.O issue and another department at work being extremely rude to me for no apparently reason. But today is a new day! I spent last night drumming up new designs and art. I have pages and pages of designs but only a fraction of them get finished. One of my favorite ones is the newest one about Knight Chibi Girl.

I don't think one needs to wait for a Knight in Shining Armor to come and save her.... this girl puts on the armor and goes out to defend herself. I'm also a huge fan of games so being a cool knight slaying monsters and what nots is a dream only lived in that video game world =D On a side note my friend saw this print and said it reminded her of Marioland because of the bright colors. Hmm.... I like colors =)
My next and last fair of the year is The {NewNew} 2 - day sale at Brooklyn Indie Market on November 14th - 15th. There's a 10% off coupon to use for anything under the tent so that's a pretty darn good deal. I'll be there Saturday and would be introducing my Gentle Giants Prints. The little elephant above is a preview of it. They'll be 8" x 10" since most of my art is at 5" x 7" I wanted some softer larger prints. I think I will put it up in my etsy shop but I have to go and get supplies to pack larger prints.

For the display I got a old metal laptop tray that I can use to put my magnets on and make a small shelf on one side. For my art I think I'll have a few displayed and one or two books to flip though. I was thinking of making the flipping books kind of like story style with a small sentence under each print. Don't know...

Until next time... go forth young knight!


Christie Cottage said...

The Dragonslayer is adorable! Truly ready to take on the world! LOL

Thank you for posting on my Blog Jog thread.

La Alicia said...

You will surely emerge victorious! :)

Pili said...

I'm sure you'll have a great time at the new craft fair and do great!

I love the two new prints! The Elephant is perfect for any nursery/baby room!

SassyBelle said...

Knight Chibi Girl is very sassy:)

The Friendly Skies said...

such a cute post! Love it. :)

Silja Erg said...

its the eye of the tiger nanannnnnanannaaa.
Dammit, now its stuck in my head.

I love your point btw:)