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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creativity vs Fear

Barn Owl and Mouse Cupcake @ LiPeony

I was on the verge of not posting the little print above because I thought to myself owls have been so overdone and they're everywhere on etsy and also in stores. That changed when I read this article on etsy called Fearless Creativity... it really spoke to me. There are always so many ideas bouncing in my head but few make it on paper because of the reasons mentioned such as "this will never be as good as xxx" or "it's been done" etc. This can be applied in life as we're always besieged by fear and it creates this glass ceiling. Not letting this fear get you down is an ongoing struggle but I hope reading this little article would give you encouragement to combat those little voices in your head.

Until next time... don't let fear bind your creativity!


SaraLynn said...

I really like your owls, and you make them your own with their cute heart-shaped faces! Wonderful article, thanks for sharing!

Pili said...

I love this print! Yay for being brave!

Rosebud Collection said...

This is so true..Happy you did the owl, it is adorable..and it is your creation..
Like you, I have held myself back on a few things and then went forward..we have our own style and there is always someone that enjoys it..Glad you went forward.