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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bedtime Stories

A Monster Bedtime Story @ LiPeony

I remember as a kid I had a huge book of tiny bedtime stories one for every night of the year. It got passed down to my brother who pours over it. I'm a big fan of books like these because there's just so many stories inside one collection and it was conveniently all in one book with a picture for each. I created the above picture because of this penchant for late night reading and imaginative friends and adventures.

On another note another one of my favorite kid's reading material is the monthly magazine called Cricket. It's a magazine for ages 9- 14 filled with poems, stories from books, recipes, tutorials, comic strips from around the world and spans all different time eras. There are also lots of creative writing and art contests that they publish. I have years of these subscriptions on my bookshelf that my brother and sister poured though. For his birthday this year I'm buying him a year's subscription. I think that's more worth it then buying him more toys but of course he just really wants another computer game.

What's your child's or childhood's bedtime routine?

Until next time... keep on reading and exploring!


La Alicia said...

adorable illustration! :) when I was little, it was always bath time, a story and sleep.

Pili said...

What a lovely new print! I love how cute the monster looks!

My routine was my parents reading to me, till I learnt to read, and then I was limited by my mum to one story a night, I've always had issues to stop reading!

Sherisa (L'elephantRose) said...

omg I totally wish I had a book specifically for bedtime stories when I was little. That sounds awesome. Although, I never had trouble going to sleep. Just a kiss and I was out like a light. Your illustration is super adorable. :)