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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tender Toes

That's me tender toes! After much debating I've decided to move my blog to blogger instead of wordpress though that site is still up. Reasoning is there's virtually unlimited space for pictures, etsy mini and everyone else seems to have a blog so i might as well give it a try =D.

So what is Meekiyu and what is up with my etsy site? Where did i come up with the name Meekiyu?

Mee is the first name of my dear late grandma... kiyu is yuki mixed up which means snow.

Meekiyu was a spark as the last piece of art I would make in an anime art auction. After making a few they captured my imagination as I went on a frenzy making small Meekiyus of my friend and families. I strung them to make as key chains and decorations and soon this lead to their images on handmade canvas bags.

To me what makes Meekiyus different from my other art is that there is consistency but yet each Meekiyu was obviously different. I feel the origami paper and let my hand draw the face and a little personality is developed. Some are quiet, some are loud, some are mischievous and all the zillions facets of what each person is. Under the guidance of my mom and the old sewing machine, I craft each bag and draw each Meekiyu. As for their personal characters I’ll let you guys figure it out.

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