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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fluffy Sweets =D

Cotton Candy Balloon Bunny @ LiPeony
When it gets warmer around here I get a craving for cotton candy. Around the summer there are several small fairs and carnivals with rides for kids, games and lots and lots of food! Last weekend I went to the Hester Street Fair. It was small with about 20-30 vendors and most of it was food. There were also vintage and jewelry shops there. It was very windy when my sister and I went so there was tons of dust flying everywhere >=( . The neighborhood is very old and there's a library and the Fair took place in the large park. I'll be vending there June 12th 2010 so if you happen to be in the hood stop on by.

The most popular and well known vendor was from Luke's Lobster. I went to their store on E. 7th street and I must say the lobster rolls were delicious. The bread is awesome and they're not cheap on the lobster. There's less mayo then on some of the others that I tried which I prefer but they add this pinch of spices that I love. They also have this Maine root beer and the blueberry one was so refreshing! One thing is I didn't like the pickle which gave me a stomach ache =_=. Right afterward I went to watch Avatar in 3D so that was not a very good experience. I don't like or eat pickles in general. I was very impressed with the amount of baked goods and I brought some macaroons from Macaron Parlour. I got the Earl Grey and Smores macaroon and boy they were so so so good. It was slight crisp crunch and chewy. I was very surprised by the Earl Grey one because I'm not a fan of that variety of tea but as a macaroon I'd eat it any time =D. It also turns out that the weekend I went was also Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Bake for Hope Sale. I got some red velvet lollipops which are balls of red velvet dipped in white chocolate on a lollipop stick which were scrumptious!

Until next time... stay sweet sweet sweet! =D


Rosebud Collection said...

Have to admit the lobster does look good..nothing like Maine lobster..Now wouldn't you think I would eat it all the time? I think I have had it once since living here for over 30years..
Pickles are a funny food. They can agree and then they can disagree.
Depends how they are made.
The macaroons look wonderful..Then to the movies..Gosh, sounds like a fun time all around, except for the pickle..
Have a great rest of the week..

Pili said...

The print is sooooo super cute! Absolutely cuuute!!

And oh my goodness, Earl Grey macaroons? I'd love to try those!!

Morrgan said...

Mmmmm, lobster... You know, it just occured to me that I've never had cotton candy. I wonder what I'm missing! :D The print is so cute!

La Alicia said...