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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beginner Gardener

Living in the packed urban area of NYC especially in Manhattan it's hard to grow most anything. My mom decided to change that. She had some trimmings and bulbs and went to get a small long flower pot. Now they're growing pretty nicely. The tall ones are chili peppers and I'm not sure what the small bulbs are. We've tried many times to grow various plants outside on our window but they all tend to get lil bugs or they just don't thrive. Hopefully these will bloom and lil chilli peppers will come out. My mom doesn't want to eat the the peppers she just loves adding the color red to the home >_
Chibi Chive Garden Print @ LiPeony
I'm very sure a lot of people are doing their garden in the Spring and some are doing it right now. I decided it was perfect time to draw up little gardening prints. I've always loved watching people grabbing fresh herbs from their garden or the mini ones people have in their homes when watching cooking shows. Though it does look easy we've tried and no success and we definitely have no space. I'll be vending at Hester Street Fair on June 12th. So if you're in the neighborhood stop on by =D

Until next time... any tips on gardening and what's in your garden?


Pili said...

I hope you guys can get your own chili peppers!

My parents do love to grow veggies at the cottage, and always have a big patch ready to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini!

Kathy said...

Good luck with the plants and the print is just darling!!

Anonymous said...

I love these gardening posts, keep writing them please!

I awarded you in my blog. Please come see!

Rosebud Collection said...

not sure what the little bugs are, but my grandmother would use..water with a little liquid dish soap and spray the plants..I have done it and it works well.
Love the little drawing..just adorable..Have a happy weekend..