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Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Cards for the Holidays?

"When Santa runs out of elves he uses happy chicks"

I know it's not even the end of August and I'm already preparing for the holiday season in my shop LiPeony! Actually it didn't even cross my mind until one day I was lurking in the Etsy Forums and stumbled upon this post by KreatedByKatrina (btw visit her soap for soap goodies like gingerbread men soap! ) and she's been one of those long standing people on Etsy who has a lot of knowledge and experience and when she writes something I read it. This post happened to be "Preparing Your Shop for The Holidays" . She lists several good ways to prepare and opened the board for others to both learn and put in their advice. I've been gobbling up every single morsel of knowledge. I decided to finally start on those Christmas/Holiday cards. I've always wanted to be hands on with my work and making cards is no exception. I decided to experiment with the little print above.

Martha Stewart Crafting Scoring Board
I also have this nifty Martha Stewart Crafting Scoring Boards when I was making my friend's wedding invitations. It's not a necessary tool but it's so awesome to have because you can make crisp lines on blank sheets of papers to fold into cards. It's simple and they sell it at craft stores. I think this was brought at Micheal's with one of their lovely 40% coupons and it came up to a little over $11. Yes this thing retails around $20 hence the coupons.

It's very simple and the whole thing is outlined with inch ruler measures and the corresponding scoring groove. So all you really need is the bone folder which is that flat and rounded edged tool that comes with it. Place your paper on the board and pick how far you want your folded line to be and press the bone folder from that groove all the way down the card.

Ta-da! Perfect groove where you can fold your blank piece of paper into a card!

Now a nifty little card!Open up for anyone to write their special message in. This is just a practice run because I do want either a luster/pearl or a glossy finish. Haven't decided yet. I've also deciding on whether to buy plain white envelopes with the cards are these lovely light light blue envelopes which cost a tad more. I'm leaning towards the blue ones because I think it adds a bit more. Look forward to new card sets (was thinking sets of 3 or 6) close close in the future. So how have you been preparing for the holidays or are you still going "WHAT? HOLIDAYS? ITS STILL SUMMER??"

Until next time... stay groovy!


Pili said...

Aww those chickies are so cute! Such a simple design but so totally cute, and perfect for any Holiday celebration!

I'm one of the ones that refuses to think of a holiday since it's still August!!!

Rosebud Collection said...

I like that gadget..will have to check it out..
Glad you did well in the storm..You know, many were complaining about the storm being too hyped..but I was born in Greenport, Long Island and saw hurricanes that were terrible..I thought it was better being warned and take cover..just so glad everyone was safe.
Have a happy week..

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