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Monday, September 26, 2011

Otakon 2011 Finally!

Otakon 2011 has yet again come and gone and I know it's been over for a few months but here's the pictures finally! This year the weather was nice and sunny but a bit on the hot side. Unfortunately we couldn't be there on Friday so we arrived Saturday instead. The above picture is from the Arena where some of the really big shows are hosted such as Masquerade and concerts. The cosplay above is from a game called Animal Crossing sort of like a Sims type game except everyone else are animals.

An awesome Dalek cosplay from Dr. Who Series. I'm not sure whether it was remote controlled or someone was inside. People got a big kick out of it.

Old fashion Tetris piece!

Collection of cosplayers from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Magic Knight Rayearth cosplayers. Love the details on their costumes and making armor seems like quite a challenge.

Ghost Busters! Sorta disappointed this picture came out fuzzy!

The BF really wanted to see the Chemistry concert but alas it was on Friday. Le sigh. We did go to their Q & A section. Truthfully I had no clue who they were but I did find out they sang the song to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Mobile Gundam Suit Unicorn. I haven't seen the latter but I did like the FMA Brotherhood series. They were extremely polite and also funny as they answered and joked with the fans that came to see them.

Last of all is my revamped costume of Mahoromatic. In this version I reworked the apron to have a tie across the waist which is higher then my actual waist. I also reworked the red tie thing and added a petticoat. It was also the first time I styled and wore a wig with the costume along with contacts and false lashes. I think these details really added the finishing touches for the character. I might add in a more in depth post on the reworking of the costume later on.

Until next time... time just seems to fly fly fly away!


Pili said...

Your costume looks awesome!!

And I love the Doctor Who Dalek, so cool!!

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