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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold Day Hot Food!

Brrrr! It's freezing here in NYC and no fluffy snow to really show for it. Well on cold days like the ones we've been having I love to eat a big bowl of spicy curry! Unfortunately even though I love curry I can't stand too much spiciness. The new print in my shop shows exactly that! My coworker makes an awesome very spicy Indian curry and there really isn't anything better then homemade. My mom also makes curry but her's is much more tamer.

My favorite curry is dish called Katsu Curry from a small Japanese Restaurant called Zen. It's made of this not so spicy curry that has potatos and this deep fried chicken over rice, it's simply wonderful! They don't have a website I linked the restaurant to a review website. I started reading some reviews and there's always people who just have a bad experience or didn't like the food. I guess to each is their own. I was introduced there by my ol roommate and for the past 4 years been there on and off.
Their sushi is pretty good and the raman as attested by my friends is great and the prices won't empty your wallet either... big plus to me. The little I Love Noodle Girl is the newest little origami in my shop and I made out of my noodle love. Also shows I'm not neglecting my store =D There's too much food to love!

Check it out if you're in the neighborhood. St. Mark's Place is the area around 12th - 9th street and 1st avenue aka East Village. It's right next to Astor Place, a few blocks from shopping central Broadway and north of Chinatown. This is where Zen is located and it is chock full with tons of restaurants, small eateries, odd and end shops so I suggest you take a look around. Around the area is a Japanese supermarket that has all these little things from chips to noodles to tiny delicacies. Their tiny cakes are really scrumptious though pricey to me. While you're there check out the new yogurt shops called Pinkberry. There's also the world's best fries in a place called Pommes Fritas. They have so many unique sauces to choose from and the huge fries come out piping hot. It's making my mouth water as I think about it. Look at all those sauces! There's also this very interesting little store called BAMN!! where food like hamburgers, chicken pot pies and fries etc are placed inside an automated machine much like those chips in those vending machines. You pop some quarters and the door opens and you get your food. Very weird but very cool. Use to be 24 hours but they've limited their times now.

There's also two comic book/toy stores that sell all these odd and end toys you won't find anywhere from Godzilla models to Family Guy plushies. They have a great collection of American and Japanese toys/figurines at ToyTokoyo and St. Mark's Comics. There's also a karaoke bar Sing Sing. Actually there are a lot of bars there and around 7pm there are a lot of people and it gets more as it goes into the night. Good thing is there's free parking around the neighborhood... bad thing is finding a spot ( I hope you are a great parallel parker) There's way way too many things to mention but if you stop by NYC and have the free time I suggest you make your way to St. Marks... you won't be disappointed!

Until next time... explore and eat hearty!


outofthepinksky said...

I'm the same way. I love curry, but it can't be too spicy. If it's too spicy, it just tastes like pain.

Timeless Designs said...

Good homemade food on a good day, nothing better; just add a nice blanket!