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Monday, December 7, 2009

Little Fish in a Big Ocean

Ever felt like a little fish in a big pond? When it comes to life it seems like that most of the time to me... but the key is to find your own little niche in the vast ocean. For example I have experimented and refined my own techniques and items to create a certain style that is mine mostly cute kawaii with a dash of odd daydreams. My new favorite is the little goldfish I made above. I was so surprised it turned out so cute! I also have more to photograph.

For all you shop owners here's a great series of videos on how to find your niche =)
Finding Your Niche with DiffractionFiber
Shop Makeover Series: Broaden Your Target Audience with Tiered Product Lines
Seller How-To: Finding Your Etsy Niche
The Etsy Seller Handbook: All Our How-To's About Selling

The NewNewTeam Handmade Cavalcade was a huge success! Although I was only a volunteer there was a great vibe and there were tons of traffic. I helped with decorating and brought enough Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee and Munchkins for everyone. Though it was quite a haul to carry all that stuff myself.... I think it was like 20 lbs of coffee. It was all worth it to see people happy. Pictures would be up shortly on Flickr I hope!
This Saturday December 12th I'll be selling at the Village Zendo Craft Fair right in NYC on the shopping street of Broadway. This was actually the first craft fair I ever did and it was fantastic! So When I heard that they are doing it again I jumped on the chance to do it! It's actually a whole weekend thing but I have to attend my boyfriend's graduation on Sunday. Congrats to him! So come by if you can and they make some awesome cookies!

Until next time I hope everyone is having a great December! =D


Rosebud Collection said...

So cute..Thanks for all the information..I have to get back to our shop. We put it on hold, till daughter had baby..but now we have to get our act together.
Not a great snow person..but will admit it is pretty.
Enjoy the day..Rosebud.

Pili said...

The lil goldfish is so totally cute!!

Congrats to the bf on his graduation and I hope that the craft fair will be great with loads of sales for you!!

Veronica Darling... said...

Everything you make is cute! xoxo

Kathy said...

December is going well. Congrats to boyfriend and good luck with the show!

Jess // CLineCreations said...

So cute, and good luck this weekend!

Thanks again for lugging all that coffee over.. it was sooo appreciated. =)

Also, I meant to show you at the HHC but it completely slipped my mind when I was frantically setting up -- I started making post earrings, inspired by you from our last show. Yay!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That little fish is the CUTEST!

dy of ghost said...

i love your little felt creatures!