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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mail Adventure

Awesome new business cards for LiPeony!

I am so in love with my new business cards from The quality is awesome, the colors are great and they always have these special promotions also they ship quick and they're usually prompt in customer service. But boy was it an ordeal to get them. Let's just say UPS doesn't like my building. I've had to chase down UPS trucks to get my sister's computer and laptop before.
I'm back tracking a bit but a few weeks ago I did the Bowery Bazaar. It's a cool new craft show space that has a very unique aesthetic and the coordinator was really nice! They always have new vendors all the time and it's right next to St. Mark's Place... a super cool area of restaurants of all sorts! That's where I saw the cool shop Astali. Her shop is full of grungy yet delicate jewelry. We decided to trade one of her awesome bullet shell bracelets for a few of my pins. I was so happy! Though as usual she had to take a good inch or two of links out to fit it to my wrist. She said my wrists was the smallest she's seen on an adult... To show you guys here's a ruler measuring my wrist. Yep it's about 2 inches in width and 4.75 inches all around. That's why it's so so hard for me to find those really cool bangles as you just can't take links out of them. There's a lot of things that look so cool but simply doesn't come small enough. That's what makes shopping handmade comes in handy... the people are so nice and they size it to fit. Though I do get the usual... "are you sure size 2.5 ring is what you want? It's really small." or the "wow you're so tiny". I laugh about it because I'm very happy to finally find jewelry I love that I can wear =)

BTW Catch me at the Hello Zen Holiday Craft Fair on Broadway in NYC!

Until next time... stay toasty!


Pili said...

Those are so SUPER cute! I hope I'm getting some with my felt pins! =D

And yay for managing to get cute jewellery finally!!

Meekiyu said...

I packed a few for your package! I made sure to pick them up this time! Hope you love'em and the pins! =D

sMacThoughts said...

Wow, I walked by that Bazaar not too long ago! I love that bracelet, too. Happy Holidays!

Jess // CLineCreations said...

Your cards look awesome! I think I will try overnightprints when I run out of my vistaprint cards..

Hope Zen went well for you!