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Friday, January 8, 2010

Forget Me Not =D

So yesterday my boyfriend and his family boarded the plane for their two month vacation around China and Vietnam and I'm very much missing him. The few days before his flight I drew quick sketches of how I feel one being the new print in my shop "Forget Me Not Chibi Girl" I really love how the flowers look like blue blue stars caught on a slender green stem. I worked very hard to put in subtle shadows and keep it as simple as I can to convey that feeling of missing and thinking of that special someone.

We're going to keep in contact though daily emails which he suggested to my surprise. He didn't want to miss out on my day to day life even if it's just mundane things. He'll be sending pictures of the places he'll go and food he'll eat. I hope he got me my souvenirs which are airline snacks (I know weird... but I love airline snacks like peanuts) and anything else he can think of. =D

On happier news The Tiny Fig had set up a January Design challenge to decorate a box. Just go follow the directions here and you can use your creativity to make a gift box and the winner chosen on February 1st gets a $20 gift card to her fantastic lil shop! I was so excited as I know exactly what to do! Here it is:
I directly designed the box template on photoshop with chibi girl surrounded by gifts and envelopes. The same design is also on the bottom of the box. One the front side and two sides are drawings of mail van, a ship and an airplane with little blue dots showing how gifts and packages are delivered. I love to send letters and snail mail to people and this is the perfect box =)

Until next time... snail mail all the way!


Pili said...

Awww, I'm sorry to hear you're gonna be missing your boyfriend for two months... but I'm sure the daily e-mails will be a lot of help!

And the box is sooo cute!!

Malissa said...

The box and picture are adorable! I'm sure your boyfriend will be missing you as much as you will be missing him!

Alicia said...

So sweet of your boyfriend to email you daily.

Love your box design. Super cute!

Kathy said...

It's all so cute. Hope he has a wonderful time and he will be back in no time!!

karmacrochet said...

Your box is great! Time will fly your BF will be back soon. :-)