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Monday, January 11, 2010

Love is on My Mind

It may seem far away but Valentine's day is right around the corner! But to be frank you don't need a holiday to show your love to someone it should be shown everyday. One thing I do like about the holiday is the candies and chocolate and thus I made the little heart cocoa bunny pin above. I have a bunch of little Valentine inspired pins and prints coming up so stay tuned!

On other news my bf texted me that he's safe and his new phone number. Using a calling card I called him last night but since China is about 13 hours difference it was 11am to him. It was very bizarre as I'm getting ready to sleep and my bf is up and about in the Friday Market place in the remote village he is in right now. The people live high high in the mountains and they grow tea in these huge carved tea terraces.This is an example of how these tea terraces look like. I've never been to China (being there when I was 2 years old doesn't count as I don't remember anything) so hearing it from him was great. He laughed that instead of pigeons on the streets like New York City they had chickens and dogs roaming the streets. Once a week everyone comes down the narrow dirt road of the mountain and form farmer's market where they sell their wares. Cars are few since the streets aren't paved and it's quite crowded but there is an abundance of bikes. This area (he didn't say where it was except that it was South China) is rather remote and while people still practice the ancient tea farming techniques and lived relatively untouched there was also a blending of technology such as Internet cafes and etc. Also he said everything is extremely cheap but that's comparing U.S dollar to the Chinese currency.

Our conversation was short but he was so excited to describe to me China and I was eager to hear about it. He asked me to call him tonight I wonder what new sights he will tell me about today =)

Until next time... show your love everyday =)


Pili said...

Wow, that really sounds interesting! I hope he's having a great time!

Love should be celebrated every day, in many lil ways and not necessarily with a Hallmark card!

LeelaBijou said...

So interesting!
What a great post :)

sMacThoughts said...

Oh wow! Fascinating. Sounds like he is in a spectacular part of the country!

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Oh lucky hehe I spend my valentines day alone =(
Anyway the next year that would not happend haha
I won't like to live a big country like china, to big.
thanks for sharing and for some ideas.
Good luck.