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Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School!

Yeps it's almost that time again where school supplies are cheap and summer is winding down (cries) For me I'm heading back in about three weeks. I made two new prints dedicated to back to school! I also have a Back to School Sale with free shipping on my Mix and Match Three. You get a price break on three prints of your choice and free shipping! =D . It's so darn hot here I feel like I'm melting... hope it's not going to be like this for the first few weeks of school... it is a far far walk from the subway to the campus o_o! How's everyone summer going on?

This weekend I went down to the Jersey Shore and went crabbing! Basically get some traps and toss them out onto the ocean/water channels wait and hope you get some crabbies! I'll have some pictures up when I get the chance. My significant other and his two friends were out by a quiet channel... well not so quiet as people sail up and down the channel. Our traps were metal cages that had doors that swung up. It's like fishing in many ways. You throw it out and hope you get crabs when you reel them in. Though depending on who you ask people use squid or chicken or fish as bait in the cage.
We were out there for four hours with six traps. It was fun until a family in a medium sized motor boat took a sling shot and unsuccessfully launched a water balloon at us. That got me seriously PO (Pissed Off) as we were just enjoying ourselves and this was my bf's first time crabbing. It was appalling as I can clearly see the parents were there laughing with their teenage kids (3). So ... I flipped the bird at them and instantly regretted it as I should not slip down to their level... my bf's friend said I was "aggressive". Heck if I was I would've thrown a crab at them. ARG! Anyways we had a good haul and all the tiny crabs and those with eggs we released back to the water.

Until next time... no shaking but I'm baking...


Jennifer Juniper said...

Hey, I just got home from the Jersey Shore on Saturday. Where were you? I was in Avalon/Stone Harbor and we went crabbing, too! Luckily, there was no water balloon attack on us :)

Kathy said...

I work in a school district and things are definitely picking up. What a shame that parents think it's funny when their kids do something wrong. I guess we know where the kids get it.

June Paski said...

i love ur ilustration, it's soo cuteee :)

Leigh said...

I cannot believe it already, I just did the school supplies for my daughter today.

I also think this illustration is adorable!!

Pili said...

I love how Chibi girl is dragging her bag back to school!

You guys start school waaay sooner than we do over here!

The Friendly Skies said...

awww that sounds like so much fun (minus the water balloon!)

Enjoy your last bit of summer before classes. I think this summer felt way too short because it rained so much... summer should not be over yet!

June Paski said...

ur sooo lucky, i hardly meey vintage boutique in my place :(


Dallas Shaw said...

buying pretty school supplies always helped me get better grades...or at least I convinced myself of that