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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

N is for Neko!

So I just started on my new line of simple cards inspired by my love of Japan and kawaii-ness! My newest one is this one N is for Neko! I do love cats and animals in general but my parents never allowed us to keep pets besides goldfish. Though I for a few times sneaked in a snake, lizard, cockatoo and some white mice. The reason was at my elementary school the science room kept many animals like hamsters and guinea pigs for the students to see. In mornings a small group of us "animal monitors" would clean the cages and feed the animals. Trust me there were over thirty cages to clean!

Looking back it was a great and fun way to instill responsibility of taking care of another life. Yes you had to clean the poopie, make sure every animal has it's specific diet, make sure food and water was there. The warm rocks were on in the reptile cage were on etc. We also got to show the little kids the animals and teach them a bit of them like "what is a reptile?" ... "What does it mean to be warm blooded and cold blooded?" etc.

I know the first thing I'll do when I have my own living space is to get one of these guys!
Until next time.. meow meow!


Pili said...

Awww, so cute!!

I'm allergic to cats, but I do want to have doggies when I have my own place!

Kathy said...

One day I want one and the next day I don't. Can't decide! They are just so darn cute aren't they?

Pili said...

You have been tagged in my latest blog entry! ;)

Andrew Thornton said...

I'm considering getting a kitten myself! This one you've featured is ADORABLE!