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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pin o This

This August is turning out to be a great month for my little shop which is surprising to me since people say summer is the slowest sale time. I had a great buyer that wanted my art on 2.25 inch pin back buttons. Although I've always wanted to make them I was too lazy to justify the work and cost that went into them... until recently. I ordered 25 just for a start from the wonderful Ali at Buttonhead.etsy. She is my go-to for mirrors, buttons and other knick knacks. I highly recommend her. When they arrived I was thrilled with how they look! I especially like this one because it really rings a chord with me and I think this one will go on my school bag. =)

I'm pondering the idea of doing a craft show during the fall. This year I have school, work and volunteer work at the hospital planned. It's going to be a jammed pack year. There is one cosponsored by the NewNewTeam (proud member of) on October 17th in Manhattan close to where I live called Crafts in Chelsea. What's great is that part of the vendor fee goes to the PTA of the local public school and growing up within the great public school system of NYC they're always cutting the school budget. It was though the PTA and fund-raising that so many programs and clubs have been maintained.

I recently learned my own elementary school P.S. 130 held a fundraiser and now has several music, art, sports and literary programs that were not available to us when I was young. Though these programs I hope kids foster interests outside the school curriculum and promote creativity. Personally I feel kids have been growing up too fast and pressured to focus solely on education. I think about that when I'm on my tablet in Photoshop and my little 9 year old brother is sitting next me as I draw that dragon he loves so much from Yu-Gi-Oh. I love the questions and glitter in his eyes as he listens intently when I teach him a bit about Photoshop and art.

Until next time.. cherish and relish childhood for it's far to short sometimes.


Jaz said...

"i create therefore i am" - i love that!!

Angela said...

I think your work looks great in button form! Good luck if you decide to go to the show and I hope you sell a ton!

Pili said...

It seems that you're gonna be very busy, but I'm sure those craft shows that raise money for good causes will be very rewarding in all causes!

Ally said...

"i create therefore i am" so cuuuute <3