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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the Winner is....

I want to thank everyone that tweeted and posted on my blog. =D I'm so incredibly sorry that it took so long to pick out a winner I had long 12 hour shift today and got home very late. ;_; I apologize *hangs head in shame* I'll be sending this collection of Red Envelopes ASAP. I was very glad to read everyone's posts and hope everyone had fun checking out their Chinese Zodiac =D! I do love sharing a bit of my heritage with others and this giveaway was so fun I may do it again with something else (I've been eying some beautiful handmade rice paper that have soft colors interwoven into the fibers) So be on the look out =)

I'm also excited because I've been doing massive research on weddings since I'm going to be a bridesmaid (first time too!) so I'm so excited. Today I've been looking at wedding cakes and it astounds me how beautiful the cakes are and how scrumptious they sound! I'm looking forward to those cake tastings =P

Until next time... how's your week so far? =D


La Alicia said...

what a cute giveaway! :)

sMacThoughts said...

OH, OH, how on earth did this slip past me???? I am a ding-dong. Next time!

Rosebud Collection said...

Have to tell you..I did all the cooking/wedding cakes for four of our daughters. Being 1/2 Polish..needed to have plenty of food..was fun. Sometimes, I enjoy pushing myself over the top.
Have fun..and thank you again for my beautiful gift.