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Friday, February 26, 2010

Freezing Friday aka Creative Friday!

It's a heck of a snow storm today and it's going to last for 3 days! Phew lucky for me we had a snow day and no classes =D Instead I whipped out my carving set and drew some quick sketches and low a behold some new stamps: a rabbit, cupcake and pocket watch. The pocket watch didn't come out exactly as what I planned as these guys are about an square inch so it made carving the little details much harder. The cupcake was inspired by my researching into wedding cakes and many of the bakeries are also well known for their little cupcakes. The bunny and pocket watch is from Alice in Wonderland and seeing from the first few previews and pictures the movie looks visually stunning =D. I'm planning on using these to stamp some small notebooks and postcards very soon so look for it sometime in early Spring =D. Short post as I got to run soon =)

Until next time hope you guys are staying warm and safe =D


June Paski said...

so cuteee :)


Little Lovables said...

these are adorable, you are so creative