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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Make a Peekaboo Bunny Card

Happy March everyone! We're getting closer to Spring and hopefully nice warm weather here in New York City! Anyways today while looking at all my art and craft tools and wishing I had more (really want some new ink like Staz-On or Versacraft etc) I fiddled with what I have and made some neat little cards. When it's closed it looks like that above.

But when you open it... sha-zam! Bunnies! It's very simple to make this Peekaboo Bunny Card.All you need is a blank card 5 x 7 or 4 x 6 any size is fine and dandy. Some stamps like the ones I carved above and a large hole puncher. The one I used is 1.25 inches that makes large circles. What's great is that these paper punchers come in tons of sizes and shapes. Imagine peekaboo bunnies coming from heart shaped openings that would be super cute!
So all you need is to plan where you want to position them. Note is that the punches limits me to punching holes close to the edges. You can punch the holes out first then stamp the bunnies on the inside page or vice versa. Then you can decorate the punched holes. Depending on the hole size and stamp size the whole stamp can show though but I think it's cuter to just show the bunny ears. You can do so much with them from different punch shapes/sizes to the stamp size and animal or object. Very easy to do and the possibilities are endless!

Currently I have many tons of bunny art and cards like above all made that I'll be introducing into my shop though I have to get my rusty camera skills up. I'm also going to be at Brooklyn Flea. The experience and food was so great the first time I'm going to be there again on Saturday March 20th. So if you're in the neighborhood just stop on by... grab a fish taco or cupcake and browse around =D

Until next time wishing for warm weather =D


Pili said...

That's such a cute idea!
I love those stamps! The cupcake one is the cutest! I so envy your stamp-making abilities!!

My Owl Barn said...

OMG! This is so sweet! I am making one for my niece.

cabin + cub said...

hee hee hee.. that is so cute!

Rosebud Collection said...

Want you to know, received the wonderful envelopes and will frame them for our grandchildren..They are beautiful. Thank you so much.
I tried to send an email, but was sent back to me..
Your name is the same as our granddaughter..

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh is that cute!

Kathy said...

How creative and how cute!