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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week In Review

The weather was simply gorgeous this weekend! I had a fantastic time on Saturday selling at the Brooklyn Flea. I was there with my wonderful little sister Anita and my Cousin Victor and they spent their money on the awesome food downstairs. I again had those slamming fish tacos and Anita totally agreed with me. My tables mates were awesome Felicity from WishbyFelicity and Yaniamore. My new 4 foot table was easy to build and was really awesome. It's from ALPS Mountaineer and I highly recommend it, I got the XL one and I think this one is a new version and I got it on sale for $60 instead of $90 =D!

Here are some pictures of my setup and having multiple prints on the table though I have to find a way to have people browse them all as many though the small piles were of the same prints. I was thinking of having some books to flip but its been a bit hard finding 5 x 7 holders as most are 4 x 6 picture holders =(I do love this display unit it's actually for photos but you can obviously use the clips (which are included) to clip other things too =D I got this one from DickBlick. Afterward the super day we went out to BonChon to eat some Korean Fried Chicken. It's kind of weird since the atmosphere was a club/lounge but their main thing is fried chicken. Unfortunately we waited for 1.5 hours because the place was small and it was PACKED.

BUT the chicken was really good. What makes Korean Fried Chicken different is that it's double fried and apparently less oil then the fried chicken we're use to. I'm not good at eating spicy stuff the ones we got was soy garlic fried chicken. It was extremely good but definitely not worth 1.5 hours wait. Half an hour to 45 minutes seems fine to me. You can make reservations until 6pm I think. The service isn't exactly top notch but they do make some great chicken and they also have a bar. Here are some reviews of the particular BonChon near the Empire State Building, we went to: BonChon Reviews. While on twitter RusticRainbow who makes the cutest felt items asked if I could make a custom stamp. It's my first time ever and I think they turned out great! I tried to make it look similar to the font of the shop and it did take me a while as I wanted to be as careful as I can. I'll be making one that says "Please Do Not Bend" for my prints when I mail them =D. That's my week in review =D

Until next time... hope everyone is having a great day =D


Pili said...

That's a lot of good things in the week!!
And the new stamp is so cool! I'm sure Rustic Rainbow must love it!

And I agree, more than one hour waiting to enter a place to eat, the food CAN'T be good enough!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't nmake it yesterday. I still love my black cat pins. I decided not to give the other one to my friend since i loved it so much.

How about putting the prints in a portfolio case and leaving it open so people can browse. I'm not sure of they have the exact sizes you are looking for. They have them at Dick Blick and Pearl Paint. I like the Itoya brand.

Good luck and hope to catch you next time around!

kongv said...

thanks for crediting your dear beloved cousin found, fronted and transported the dang table all the way from Rhode Island!