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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodies from China =D

After a long two month trip to China my bf came back but not empty handed! He got me these beautiful cheongsam ( qipio or mandarin dress) and they actually fit very very well. I'm naturally very slender and short to boot but these were perfect and I love the intricate beading and designs onto the fabric. Everyone liked the brown one the best though upon first seeing it you'd think it looks rather drab or old style but it was actually a very demure modern brown with flowers.
For some reason I am a huge fan of airline peanuts. I don't know why but ever since I was young my grandparents would travel back and forth and bring back a couple of these little snacks. He got some and also this odd rice cake thing he got from Korean Airlines but I've yet to eat it. The last couple of things are dried food. One is dried bamboo shoots which are apparently insanely expensive in the US and extremely hard to find. My mom loved them and when they're soaked in water returns back to this soft rubbery consistency and has this slightly sour taste to it. My bf's family hails from Yunnan which is famous for it's tea and he brought back some family grown and dried tea above. I didn't try it yet but my mom is also gaga for this too. It has a slight sweet taste and she's been brewing a cup every morning.

Alas no cute stuff to be had but the places he traveled to were very rural and I'd hope to post of the pictures of the areas he's been. Currently I'm in full study mode for the stack of midterms next week. I'm also preparing for a craft show this Saturday at Brooklyn Flea. So if you're around just stop by... and gotta try the food... it's so awesome XD

Until next time how's you guys been doing? =D


Pili said...

That's awesome that he managed to bring so many things!
And those dresses do look absolutely gorgeous!!

Kathy said...

Glad he is back and how nice to bring you all of the goodies!!

Rosebud Collection said...

What wonderful gifts..The dresses look beautiful and I bet they look wonderful on.
A bunch of happy gifts..