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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Busy Tuesday

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I spent mine with my bf where he grilled for the first time this summer and boy is he happy with his new grill. I stopped by Micheal's, A.C. Moore and JoAnne's and got the stamping ink and cleanser. After a lot of research and deliberation I've decided to get the Memento Dew Drops. They come in many vibrant colors and the small size and shapes makes it easy to get the ink on every detail. The colors dry rather quickly and I can draw without the color running off. The felt dewdrops come in sets of four in coordinating colors. They're about $10 but I used a 40% that knocked the price down to about $6 bucks and at $1.50 which is a dime

I also got the StazOn jet black because I use black the most and I've heard very good things about it. The color is very true black and the smell is pleasing for some reason, like candy. This also dries pretty darn fast. I also got the StazOn Cleanser and it works great! I really like how it cleans all the ink dried onto the crevices of the stamp. Though I have heard these are bad on acrylic stamps because it erodes them.

Here are some blank cards I made for the Hester Street Fair this Saturday June 12th
Here's some camera, cupcakes and bunny love.

Here's the penguin collection.

Here's some hearts and cupcakes. I really love the colors. They're very vibrant and the two cupcakes reminds me of cotton candy. Next time I'm going to buy the rest of the colors! I'm not sure whether to have them up in my store in packets or to even put them up in my store... any suggestions?

Until next time... how was ya weekend?

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