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Friday, June 25, 2010

Otakon Cosplay Development =D

It's about a little more then a month till Otakon which is a huge anime convention. Besides meeting some of the creators, voices, writers, music and fan based panels and workshops they have... one of the biggest things is Cosplaying. That generally is making/buying costume and role playing as a character from an anime, game or w/e. I've been debating on who to cosplay as I'm still a beginner.. This year I'm planning to do two >_< (call me crazy!) . One is the girl above from the game series "Dead or Alive" named Lei Fang... though believe me I can't pull off that kind of pose in such a high slitted dress.
My sister is great at those kind of button mashing fighting game. The main reason why I wanted to cosplay her is that my bf had brought me several beautiful Qipaos and one was the one below:
The dress is similar to the one she wears except mine has flowers except of a phoenix and its less revealing and a tad shorter. Another reason is waiting on the long long long lines to get registration done. Unfortunately it can take hours standing outside in hot July/August weather. This costume would be good for that... just need to get some good sunscreen...
Also I remember these old shoes from my H.S prom that would be great for this and they're fairly comfortable. I can always add in some Dr. Scholls or something for extra comfort =D. The only thing I was missing are those tiny wrist cuffs. I had white cloth and miraculously a very similar shiny satiny purple cloth that matched the purple edging of the dress. I measured my wrist and cut two rough squares of white for two cuffs and a large purple square to make the borders. I used some pins to see about how big the width of the cuffs to be about 2 inches but always leave extra room for seam allowances. I then cut the big purple square into four strips. My first try the cuff was too wide so I trimmed it down. I used velcro to fasten them together so it'll be easier to take off and put on.

I think they came out rather nice though I think I'll iron them to get a crisper edge to the purple. I had originally planned to put a pocket somewhere so I can store money or something small so I don't need to carry a bag. I suppose a small bag won't be too bad =D
Not too tight... not too loose. I'm working on my second costume tomorrow... this one will be harder even though the clothes are more generic. Due to my petite size it's hard to find the articles of clothing I need. I have a vest pattern all cut out and stopped by the fabric store and got the right color fabric. This would be my first time making a vest and my mom is here to help if I have some questions =D

Until next time... all bushed from making stuffz!


Pili said...

Awesome! I hope you'll have a great time!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful dress..just gorgeous..Have fun..sounds like a good time..Rosebud.