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Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Ideas To Try!

It's hard to believe that June is already here! I have a craft show June 12th at the Hester Street Fair. I've been experimenting with an idea of making some stamped notebooks and cards. I've been falling a bit behind on drawing so I've slowed down in putting new art to my LiPeony Art Print shop. Anyhos I made the above little stamps... a camera, penguin and fish. They're three things my significant other loves. He plays around with his DSLR camera and he has this thing for cute penguins and fish. I've been playing around with designs and patterns and I like the ones above. I'm not sure whether to put them on blank cards or notebooks. I found these very nice small 4 x 6 notebooks that are made of recycled paper. I might want to add a button clasp to the side to close the book. The reason is that when I drop my own books in my bags sometimes they get caught with other books or stuff in my bag and it bends or ruins the pages. I'll be researching and buying some stamping ink. I want some very vivid colors. So far it seems Stazon, Ancient Page and ColorBox are pretty good. Once I get decisions on these done I'll be hosting a giveaway of these patterned notebooks. So look out for that next week!

Also with Otakon coming up I've also been working on some art to put up for the art auction. So far I am finished with one. I need two more. This year getting an artist alley table was pretty expensive this year. So I opted not to get one. Though I did want to get one but last year I didn't go see the other exhibits and what not. So this year won't be the same! =D

Until next time... stay cool =D


Morrgan said...

Those stamp designs look cool! Do you plan to make more?

Good luck with the fair!

Pili said...

I love those stamps!
The penguin is super cute and I also love to play with my DSLR! Could you work on a combined pattern of penguins & cameras? That'd be super cute too! =D

Kathy said...

Those are so so cute!

Walk in the Woods said...

Great stamps ~ very cute!

LeelaBijou said...

They really look amazing, very cute! :)