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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Origami Tutorial: Make a Box!

I have always been meaning to put another origami tutorial so here it is! How to make a very simple Origami box. It's a great little idea very simple and well it's a box, everyone can always use a box.
Well let's get started... choose an origami paper (this can be done with any type of paper, even newspaper or recycled paper) Cut it into a square like above. The size of the paper also determines the size of the box. So the bigger the paper the bigger the box.
Okay flip it so the blank part faces you and fold it in half. Remember the KEY to origami is straight tight creases!
Open it back up and fold the two sides again so they touch the first crease.
Now take a corner of the rectangle and fold it down. DO it to all four corners and it should look like the above picture.
Now fold the remaining flaps over the triangles like above and make sure it's nice and neatly creased.
It should end up looking like this.
Now here's the slightly tricky part slip one finger underneath the fold and lift it up. Crease the corner and it becomes the corner of the box.
It should lift straight up and see where the arrow points? It outlines one side of the triangle that you need to fold.
Now just slightly fold the bottom edges and it becomes the base of the box.
You can make another one of similar or slight smaller to make a like a gift box.
See easy breezy and you can use all sorts of shapes and sizes to create a multitude of bags that can fit whatever it is you want to put into it. This one is tiny like the size of ring boxes. Also this is absolutely fantastic to do with magazine paper to recycle into useful boxes to give or send to people. You can also make them more sturdy by using varnish or some other fixative/sealant. The great part is that with all the different designs and texture of paper you can make virtually any type of box you want. Oh and if you glue a handle over it, it becomes the perfect Easter basket. Great project to do with kids.

Hope the instructions and pictures are clear! have fun with origami!

Until next time, go take chances, make mistakes and explore! =D


5erg said...

NICE! will be very useful knowledge if I happen to do fairs at summer :)

MooreMagnets said...

Very clever! Thanks for the tutorial!

sMacThoughts said...

A couple of years ago, my retired father decided he wanted to learn origami, much to my mother's bafflement. (It was/is SO not what you'd expect from my Dad. To this day, though, he sends me cute little creations in the mail. No note, just his little ornaments for my enjoyment, and they mean so much. :)

BOWquet said...

That is so awesome!

Victoria said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

Very cool! I love tutorials. I remember making this box when I was a little girl. ^_^ Ah good times...

Tyler said...

this is cool! I might use this to make some gift boxes next christmas :)