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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Welcome my first Meekiyu charm! I really love how this one picture came out. It was entirely by coincidence that the blackberry phone is an awesome red color just like my charm. The phone is my boyfriend's old phone. I also love how the sparkles came out on the charm so it had just enough twinkle and all the gold details of the paper glows and so does the little bell. I took several pictures and tweaked the in my photo manager to make it brighter and contrast higher.

Frankly to get really good pictures you need a good with macro setting camera, good background that compliments your work without overpowering it and that perfect amount of natural light or pseudo natural light bulbs. Get level ground to place your camera and take several pictures. By the way some cell phones are incredible cameras also but those are usually very expensive might as well buy a good regular camera. I usually take at least three so there is always one really good picture that comes out of it. Next is really having a simple program like Photoshop or Picture manager to play around with the settings to really make your pictures pop.

Here is a very useful collection of articles in Etsy on Photography from how-to props to how - to play with picture settings:

Etsy Photography How- to's : all the articles on etsy pertaining to photographing including tips on how to make one fit for the Front Page
EtsyWiki Photo How - to's : great place for all etsy and has answers to all those little questions like "how do I get rid of that yellow in my photo?"
How to make a cheap light tent/box : brought to you by the Digital Photography School
Product Photography: A great site to look up specific tips on photographing your items according to what it is and what is is made of like... glass jewelry or clothing etc.

These are just tips on how to get great photos but it really is also about experience and what works for others may not work for you but hopefully with some advice, practice and that special corner of your home that happens to have the perfect amount of natural light you can take some awesome pictures. =D

Until next time... Happy clicking! =D


Linda said...

Cute item and great tips. Thanks.
Linda B.

Man and Kat said...

Cute charm! And I think I could use some of those photo tips :) Thanks for stopping by our blog! I will start working on the bean bag chair...

Sinje Ollen said...

what gorgeous little creatures! Very helpful tips. I always need photographing help!