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Monday, February 16, 2009

Be My Valentine and Zing! I got Tagged!

Happy very Belated Valentine's Day! I spent a wonderful day with my other half. I created the wonderful little print as a card and gave it to him. He loved but asked why roasting marshmallows? That is when I proceeded to give him a book called 400 BBQ Recipes. He's been looking at this book for a long time and I know he loves to BBQ so it's the perfect little gift! He gave me a 8GB flashdrive and Photoshop! LoL exactly what I needed! Anyways to keep the wonderful feelings going, I put the above print on sale with a "Still my Valentine Special!"=D

Yowziers! I go away for the weekend and I got tagged by Beholden To Nature! And... the rules are tell 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 others. Hmm... let me pick my brain to see...

1. I use to be a raid and guild leader on World of Warcraft (nothing like a tiny girl's voice instructing a group of 40 on how to kill something the size of a mountain).
2. I love to write stories but I never finish them. =( (short attention span)
3. I was an animal monitor in 6th grade and brought home a snake, bird and whole bunch of mice during the winter break so I could take care of them. (Parents not so happy.)
4. My favorite DS game is "Cooking Mama."
5. In real life I am a terrible cook because I don't follow all the instructions. =D
6. I'm very afraid of heights but yet I went on a ride called the SlingShot that shot me hundreds of feet in the air over the ocean. =_=
7. One of my favorite TV shows is Law and Order (all of them) and use to watch it every afternoon in college. =D

Here are the peeps I tagged! CrazyTimesCandle, Reny's Place, Little Papoose, TheMaryGoRound, Robot Love, Expressions by Devin and ThreeLoudKids! Go check it out! =D


Lindsey said...

Oooh, the SlingShot sounds scary - I don't think I could go on that ride!

Kathy said...

Love the print! So cute and great info about yourself. I'm not much of a cook either. Not my thing. Love to eat, hate to cook!

ThreadBeaur said...

I love that print. The marshmallows are funny.

LeelaBijou said...

So cool to know more things from you ^_^

Jennifer Juniper said...

Clever card to go with the gift! I love it!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Thanks for being such a good sport-- I'm not all that big on tagging either. haha But I'm glad to have read yours--I LOVED #3 and #6 made my stomach do a little flip inside itself I think! Yikes! :)