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Monday, March 23, 2009

Details... Details...

Sometimes when we are so busy looking at the big picture we don't notice the tiny details. I'm one of those people who love details... the long vivid detailed books that uses words to paint such a fascinating tale to the little back ground parts of music that add those little bits of harmony that just makes the song sing.

I've been very busy doing custom orders hence lack of posting and activity in general I find myself making more and more elaborate details that I know to most people tend to overlook. For example for my above pussy willow each pussy willow bud has been punched out with a hole puncher and the little green stems are drawn on by hand. The branch was colored and cut out by me and it's no bigger then half of my thumb. Even the little pompoms on her hair have been hand outlined and colored. Each one stuck on with glue. I've lost quite a few little details when my sleeves accidentally brush over my desk or when I sneeze. But the response I get from people are great and my pictures really don't do them justice so people are caught off guard when they receive and they say how amazing those little details are.

Okay I'm tooting my horn a bit but I also feel the same way about other people's work. I buy knitted and crochet things that I could never make from etsy and I am absolutely amazed that a person made all these little stitches and having the size just right. I go to galleries, museums and there's so much art just strolling around New York City and sometimes I lean in and it strikes me those little details add so much to each piece. Hope I'm not the only one that feels that way. =D

Until next time... sometimes you have to stop looking at the garden and lean in to appreciate the individual flowers...

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where'veyoubeen said...

ohhhh i love the details as well! It seems like your work would be wonderful for details with it being so tiny and fun!!!!