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Monday, March 30, 2009

A little Rain Never Hurt

A little rain never hurt right? Nowadays it's been more drizzly then sunny. There was also a fantastic lightening and thunderstorm last night too! Instead of studying for my midterms what do I go do? I go finish up my little rainy print. This one is special because it took me so long and so much trial and error to get the leaf with the rain drops to look just right. I'm happy with the result! I just thought of a great idea that these would be perfect in a pediatric doctor's office or in the pediatric wing of a hospital. I have no idea how to go about to show them.
I use to work in the pediatric wing of a hospital in NYC in a program called ROAR or Reach Out and Read. Basically a couple of volunteers grab some books and read to the kids while they are waiting to see the doctors. It promoted literacy and an interest in reading. It was a great idea and the parents were more then happy to let us read to their kids. We also taught and gave pamphlets out to the family on proper nutrition too. Unfortunately most of the hospitals I volunteered/work at were in immigrant heavy and rather poor neighborhoods so the hospitals did not have too much funding. The pediatrics department was rather depressing and I thought it would be great to donate large posters of my art to brighten up the place. I'm thinking of creating a portfolio or "look book."BTW a look book is a great way to carry a mini portfolio of your work! Who knows?

Until then... reach out to a child today... =D


Kathy said...

Love the print and what awesome ideas you have!

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

I think your prints are so sweet. Rain drops can be particularly hard to do, but I think you've accomplished that in spades. ^_^