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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tired... Craft Show

I am so very tired after vending at the Brooklyn Flea. Arrived at 10am but waited for my teammates of the NewNewTeam. Laura of FiskandFern and Luise of WarpeDesign were the nicest people and they had wonderful items quirky notebooks, fantastic whimsical cards and detailed little punch hole cards. Also Luise had these terrific little crochet rings and bracelets and they're so light and funky and guess what they actually fit on my tiny tiny fingers. Laura was nice enough to lend me a 4 foot table and a chair! Woot! Of course I was the shy one.. doh! =D

The flea caters to mostly hip, chic vintage people who also love quirky cute items but not too overly cute. They also had many food vendors who just made my mouth water when I passed them... seriously little tiny cupcakes, pickles, relish, jam, hot food and hot drinks. It was great. We also had some snazzy music that made me bop my head so I probably look pretty weird.

I did okay but that would be my fault because I'm way too shy. Though the minute I put my stickers out I realized it was the perfect ice breaker for me. Remember the xyron sticker machine I just had to have well it came in handy. Whenever people seemed unsure to approach or have approached me I say "Here have a free sticker" they come over say how cute everything was, take a business card and usually end up chatting. I sold more this way then standing back being all shy like my usual self and it really loosened me up so I could talk more openly. I found having this no pressure excuse to talk to people great for someone as shy as me. Maybe this might work for you if you're shy like me. Offer something low key, no pressure and it'll welcome people right in.

I did love it when people said oh my god this sticker is so me. One actually put one that said "HOT" on their bright red notebook and smiled at me saying it was absolutely perfect. I got many compliments and well that's always a great feeling. =D

Until next time.... No rest for the weary....


Angela said...

What a great little ice breaker you came up with! Good going!!

ching said...

thanks for sharing the ice breaker :) .. i think it will work for me too. well.. I'm not always the conversation starter.. so it is good to have some warm up. hhehe

BululuStudio said...

Thanks so much for sharing...and being very supportive with my blog

:D I really appreciate it.

LaAlicia said...

congrats on doing the show -- it's thrilling to get feedback but always exhausting to do a how!

Alexis said...

Sounds like a great experience. I'm shy too, and that icebreaker sounds like a really effective one, so thanks for sharing it! :)

The tiny cupcakes sound delicious.

where'veyoubeen said...

Man, if we move to NYC I know I would be totally obsessed with fairs like this. We don't have many that I've heard of in Ohio. So cool. I would totally be shy too, I'm kinda bad with strangers... well unless they are on my plane. :)
Looks like a good time!!!