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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweet N Cute Spring

Who else enjoyed the super Spring like weather this weekend? I certainly did. I spent it in South Jersey and Philadelphia with my significant other. It was a great relaxing weekend something I think everyone needed. With this new hop and skip in my step I have been working on a new collection for both my shops Meekiyua and Lipeony called the Sweet N Cute Spring Collection. It will be a mix of the quirky cuteness and fresh aroma of spring with a dash of sweetness in it. Very vague but working with bright colors and concepts which I think Spring is the best season to do so. The above are my new stickers I made with the Xyron 1.5" sticker maker. I love stickers as a child and when I saw this little contraption I had to have it. It's the size of my hand and very easy to use. The stickers I made actually stick! I'm not selling them just a fun way to tape close the bags for the Brooklyn Flea this weekend. =D

Until next time... Spring.. Spring is a wonderful thing!


Angela said...

I love my Xyrons!!

Kathy said...

Those are so darn cute!!