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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it Vacation time yet?

Oh boy is it vacation time yet? lolol. I was watching Shrek the first one and that Pina Colada Song came up and I was struck with a fantastic idea! The above print is the result. I printed it up as a 8 x 10 and it's on my desk and I swear when I see it I can hear those ocean waves and the sweet Pina Colada drink. Sigh. Which begs the questions is it vacation time yet?

I had finish about 30 magnets yesterday and was spraying on the acrylic coating. Unfortunately it takes two hours to dry so being the bored and lazy person I am I decided to open myself up to do shop critiques while they dry and oh boy. I opened a can of worms. I do love giving advice (even though I never follow it) and I always stress it is just my opinion, it gets tiring after like the tenth one. But seriously after critiquing other stores I'm like wait that applies to me too! This has given a great chance to really think outside the box.

For example when someone asked about their store and how to really design it I said well look at who your target audience in and see what shops and magazines they read. I thought about it those who are high end generally read like Elle or Vanity Fair and they generally tend to be simple, not bright and elegant, this caters to their audience. Cosmopolitan and Glamour which are more like every day woman tend to be bright, fun, flirty maybe even a tad raunchy but it caters to their audience. These magazines are all about design and fashion well I think you can apply their general trend of design and colors to your shop if you fall into those audience. Just food for thought.

Brooklyn Flea March 15th! Craft Fair or Bust!

Until next time... you are your worst critic... =(


Alexis said...

Wow, I've always respected people who can do crit after crit like that. I always sign up to get crit because they're always right! It's fun to see what they say and I try to take the advice given.

I love your drawing... it's making me want to take a vacation too! sigh.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a cute drawing..I think it says it all..