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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello Fall and Craft Shows!

It's officially the start of Fall and it's also my boyfriend's birthday! SO happy birthday to him! With the start of Fall it's also the early signal for the shopping season to start. I'm sure there are many crafters and artists out there all booked up for those shows and fairs. My first craft fair of the season is going to be at All Angel's Church Block Party. It's their first one and it's right by the Museum of Natural History and I'm not sure how it would turn out but the booth fee was very small. I'm also sharing it with a NewNewTeam buddy CLineCreations. She makes these wonderful Chinese calligraphy art and Chinese knots... neither of which I have patience to make ... teehee.

I didn't want to carry my huge black frame and I had new cards and notebooks I wanted to sell I decided to make this make shift sort of display. It's made out of recycled cardboard and I decorated it with wonderful origami paper and about an hour. It doesn't look all that great by itself.
But it actually works pretty well. The little shelves are fold-able so I can lay this whole thing flat. When I put my cards and note pads on it, it doesn't look too bad. (Don't mind the messy desk. I'm a slob) and since my cards are light this will be good to create height and different levels for buyers to look at. Everything else will be either flat or in boxes people can rummage though. After this there is the New New Day at Brooklyn Indie Market on November 14th which I'm also very excited about because we got such a great deal and last time I did pretty well for my first time there. That's about all the shows I will be doing this year.

Oh speaking of craft fair there is a massive source of how to's and advice out on the web. Here are some awesome links:

Super Etsy forum post of Craft Show Tips
Flickr: Visual Collection of People's Craft Show Displays
Storque Article on How to find craft shows in your Area
Another Storque Article of Craft Show Tips
Yet Another Storque Article on Holiday Craft Fairs
Indie Craft Fair Guide: Guide to your Local Craft Shows

These are some of the useful links I've found. I think I will put up the schematics of the display I made in this post later.

Until Next time... enjoy the wonderful Fall weather!


The Friendly Skies said...

yay! Hope it goes well for you... your stuff is very cute!!! I'm in the process of redoing my etsy site... and In the process of moving to NYC (finally) so thanks for all the sites on the how to's.... I'll have to check through them all!

Kathy said...

Good Luck with the craft shows. They sure are a lot of work, but so much fun. I've met some great people at them. Your display will work splendidly!! Thanks for the links. I will check them out.

Pili said...

Loads of good luck for the craft shows!! I'm sure your stuff will sell great cause it's super cute!!

And happy fall & happy b-day to your bf!

Little Lovables said...

good research on the craft fairs. I am doing one tomorrow so will be up all night getting ready!

your shelf looks great!

Rosebud Collection said...

Hope you did wonderful at the Craft sure is in a nice area, should draw quite a bit of people.
Have to check out the recipe below.
Gosh, I like cheese cake..Whew!
Have a good weekend.