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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How To Make Simple Pin Tag

It's two days before my first craft fair at All Angel's Church this Saturday October 3rd. If you're in the neighborhood stop on by it's close to the Museum of Natural History! So... I've had heck of a time on displaying and tagging my items. I came up with a very very simple way to make tags for my little pins like the one above. All you need is:

  1. Your Business Card (1 side is blank)
  2. Tape
  3. Pin/Item
  4. Stamp Pad ($5 @ Staples)
  5. Alphabet Stamps ($5 @ A.C. Moore with 40% coupon) (Mine were small so I labeled one side and put them inside a long box to easier pick them out)

Pull out a small piece of tape and put it underneath the pin with the sticky side facing you and not sticking to the item.

Next hover it over the card until you find a place you want it and press it down firmly on the blank side of the business card. The tape should stick the pin to the paper.

Next up I combined the letters to form the words I wanted and used a rubber band to fasten them together and pressed it on then situated it on the card. Since the set I brought only had 1 of each letter I had to get a bit creative with making sure I only used each letter once in a word.

Wa-la! I added some tiny bats and it's a simple tag for my bat pin. Also because it wasn't wide enough I planned for the word "pin" to fall off the side. You could easily have put it across the long way. The good thing is that it's fairly simple and the materials are cheap and easy to get. Another good thing is that it's also your business card so if you forget to put it in or w/e or when the person takes it out they can see where they got it from. This is great for little items like magnets, earrings, rings, pins etc. Get creative with it. Hope this helps.

Until next time... wish me luck at the craft fair!


Gleeza said...

that's very cute and creative of you, best of luck at the show, hope everyone likes bats!!

Pili said...

That's such a great idea!!
I hope you will have a great time and a very successful show!! Sending good vibes your way!!

Weeza said...

Awesome idea. Good luck at you craft show.

Jess // CLineCreations said...

Great idea, Li! See you at the show.... I bet your Halloween things are going to go like hotcakes. =)

Kathy said...

Darling and so creative!