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Saturday, September 26, 2009

What I'm Up to =D

"Sugar Maple Seed Felt Pin" @ LiPeony
With school well along it's way it's been very busy here in the LiPeony studios. Currently I'm making painted silhouettes on felt with use of stencils and touch ups by hand. I really love how they came out. The one above is from the Sugar maple Tree seed that's the state tree of New York. I'm not one for super bright colors but I think this gives a very vibrant fall feel to any clothing especially in the Fall when people have start bundling up and I see a lot of dark colored clothing like browns and blacks and navy blues come out. This would just give that extra punch of color without going crazy.

My new fondness for making little felt pins came from this adorable little girl below!

"Mei Mei and Red Panda Pin"@ LiPeony

Meet Mei Mei a 10 week old Red Panda that resides in the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. One of the wonderful caretakers saw my little red panda pin on Etsy and brought it. Soon after she requested three more for her coworkers. I was beyond thrilled with being a tiny part of the great work the zoo caretakers do in teaching and protecting the animals that populate this beautiful world of ours. I was sent and given permission to showcase this insider glimpse on little Mei Mei next to my pin on the left worn by a caretaker. I wish I could visit but Cleveland is far from old NYC =/ .

I have a lot of new designs that I'm going to premier at All Angels Church Block Part Craft Show on October 3rd. If you're in the area stop by =D.

One of my greatest supporters is Cuong who's an aspiring writer and journalist. As per his request I created a custom art for his friend's wedding as a gift. They're both writers so Cuong threw some ideas at me like have them writing and wracking their heads on how to express their love for each other. I used that idea as the large roll of paper they're writing on that folds into a heart around them. The crumpled paper on the bottom shows the nervousness of expressing one's feelings. Their song is "I've Got the World on a String" I took one of the phrases and put them as text on the paper. I also found the piano sheets for the song and layered and faded them to make the background. I added the yellowish color to simulate the antique vintage paper look and voila. I put their names over their heads though I fazed them out here.

I really hope they like it and I wish them all the best. =)

Until next time... always create and never stop... =D


Pili said...

My goodness, that must have been loads of work, but it's great, and I'm sure the couple will love it!!

And look at the cutiepie!! That's so lovely that they sent you a pic of Mei Mei and the caretaker with your pin!

Kathy said...

I love that they bought your little pin! That is so very awesome, and the art you did for the wedding couple is wonderful! Good luck with the craft show, I have one that weekend too!

Littleclouds said...

omg, that panda is sooooooooo cute!

shelley said...

Awwww, Mei Mei is sooooo cute! And that's so lovely that the zoo carers bought your pins =) What a sweet post.

Mari-Joan said...

Lipeony...I was one of the fortunate people who received one of the red panda pins that you made and sold to the vet tech at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Just wanted to let you know that you don't need to go very far to visit Mei Mei. She is now at the Bronx Zoo. She left Cleveland on March 10th and should be out of quarantine shortly and on exhibit if she isn't already :)