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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mmm Anime

I've yet to see Miyazaki's latest movie Ponyo but it's already making a huge splash overseas and in the U.S. If it's anything else like his other wondrous movies (Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro) it has be great. The stories told are so magical and what I love was how the animation and art though may be simple captures the tinest details that really make the movies come to life. Not relying on CGI the animation is drawn out and colored almost reminding me of a water painting. The characters in these movies are so whimsical and deep that it's hard not to love'em. These movies are great for the entire family... I've seen his movies since I was in 1st grade till now when I've graduated college they never cease to amaze me with their depth and details.

I'm a huge anime fan going to conventions and also cosplaying. As an artist I usually don't do fanart but I have made some if the characters or particular anime has really struck me. Hoping to go to the artist alley next year at Otakon I've made a few fanarts... this one below is by far my favorite.
It's the cast of characters from My Neighbor Totoro. This was the first drawing I did entirely on computer. Using my new Wacom tablet I hit the floor running as I got use to drawing onto the pad straight to the computer. It's much harder then one could imagine. I did several drafts against several backgrounds until I got what you see above. I'm sure to revise it as it gets close to the convention. I hope you guys like it... and really check out those movies. =)

Until next time... get inspired and inspire others. =)


Pili said...

I haven't seen any of the movies, but I've heard many good things about them... maybe this will be the final nudge to make me see them!

Karly West said...

I loved Princess Mononoke, and "Spirited Away" was another good one! The artistry is just amazing.

Great work with the Wacom! (it IS a lot more difficult to work with than you would think!!) But you did a fabulous job :)