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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flying High and Rolling Waves

Is that bizarre looking or what? That's a picture I took of the helicopter leaving the landing pad a few summers ago. Even I'm a city girl though and though, I have spent many summers in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Even though it's technically a city it had a very different view. If people don't know it's basically the Las Vegas of the East Coast. I've been to Las Vegas and A.C as people call it here pales in comparison. Anyways during the summers people come from miles and miles and miles away to enjoy the sand, surf and gambling. Above is a map with all the casinos and trust me it is a long long walk from one end to the other end. My aunt who lives there claims Bally's machines are better... but I don't know I've never gambled more then a dollar. I'm a chicken so sue me. =P

There use to be a mini theme park called Steele Pier in front of the Taj Mahal ( a sight to see all in itself!). As far as I know it's going to be closing soon for good. One of the coolest rides they have there is the helicopter ride that takes you all around the townships in the area or up and down the shoreline. It's a pretty penny but it's worth it. Since I worked there one summer which I tell you is one of the most oddest summer in my life and really tried my nerves because frankly when people go on vacation so do their brains and manners. I would recount the many many problems but nah... anyways I got me and my friends a free ride at the helicopter.

I tell you it's very very unnerving. The sound of the blades is deafening and your heart and stomach jumps when the helicopter lifts off. It's almost like being strapped to a bumble bee buzzing up and down the coast! It was fantastic! We got to see the never ending Atlantic Ocean and the lights of the many casinos. It was almost surreal. My friends were shaken up but when we got off and I thanked my awesome coworkers and we couldn't stop talking about how it felt. It really is MUCH MUCH different then a plane! It was like a plane on caffeine. Here's a picture my best buddy Cuong took and sent to me. He's a whiz with the camera and with words too... he's a journalism major. The beach is nice though I suggest if you are there to go to Ocean City which is a short trip away where the beach sand is much cleaner also an added bonus they have tons of craft fairs. I always seem to miss them when I go down to enjoy the unique environment. Another note is that during the summer nights its absolutely gorgeous and there are free bands playing all though the night like the Beach Boys for instance. I'm sure. I'll save more about my adventures in Atlantic City for another time.

BTW New York City also offers helicopter rides brought to you by New York Helicopter Charters. I've never been on one but I've seen where their landing pad is. To get wonderful views of the city I suggest going to the Empire State Building or even better take the BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway) or just ride into the city on a bridge or even from New Jersey and you are treated to a full blown view (on a clear day) of the Manhattan Island. Look at it at night for a very dramatic effect!

Until next time... don't bet more then you can lose =P


Elena said...

That's a pretty sweet picture of the helicopter!

I gave you an award, by the way...check it out here!

Angela said...

I love all of your pictures! I can not imagine going on a helicopter. I have never even been in an airplane :)

Lindsey said...

That is a gorgeous view. I would be terrified flying over water in a helicopter. I'm a little afraid of flying, and the ocean scares me. I've seen too many "lost a sea" movies :D

gamakun said...

Wow amazing picture, the angle of the shot is kinda low like you are hovering over the ocean by several feet.

shells said...

Hey hey! I too, have never gambled more than a dollar - and even then I got a friend to do it for me!! I'm not an adventurous type when it comes to my money!! Those are cool photos, I've nevr been on a helicopter either....I need to get out more!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks for the visit to Atlantic City I enjoyed it.

ching said...

hey I enjoyed viewing the photo.. they are all awesome. :)

Karly West said...

Great photo!! I didn't win anything in Atlantic City either. I lost my entire gambling allowance (a whole $5) in about 1.5 minutes.....and then I just enjoyed the lovely beach :)