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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Lines and Etsy Surprises!

Alright if you haven't heard like a billion million times... yes go out there and vote! When I went out at 8:30am there was a line extending around the block in the voting place right next to me. I went out again at 11:30 and the line was still a block long... wow that is just weird. This is the first time I have seen this before where the lines just keeps building and building. Then again I am in a very populated area of Manhattan but once I think in this area there are like two other places nearby to vote and I wonder if the lines are so long? It's great for such a hefty turn out this year! I'm not one for politics so I'll leave it as is.
Ack the quality is really bad but my item was featured in a treasury today! It's from a buyer only account which I'm very surprised! I got a message from a fellow seller that was also in the treasury. For a better look click this link Earth and Sky!! if you click on all the pictures and comment... some combination of that increases the "hotness" of it and it has a good chance of being on the front page of etsy! So click away! Another reason why I was so happy is that I got a sale yesterday night... really late... I didn't even notice until two items were missing from my inventory. I'm thinking... what the... where they go... and suddenly I notice 9 sales... wait a minute wasn't it just 8 before? I went to double check my paypal and email... and its my first sale of the month! November is looking good for me! =D
Here's my newest little Meekiyu. Firefly Meekiyu. This one reminds me of the time where me and my boyfriend was driving around his neighborhood and then he stopped. He grabbed a bottle and told me to follow him. We went to some brush and forest by a parking lot and he told me to look carefully. And what do you know there were fireflies everywhere. He caught some inside a bottle and gave it to me. It was such an unexpected and sweet gesture that it just completely swept me off my feet. He's not the most romantic person in the world but sometimes he just stops my heart when he does something so completely unexpected. =D

Sweet embrace and cheery face!


Lindsey said...

Oh what a sweet story about the fireflies! And congrats on the sale! I think it's picking up on Etsy, I've had two sales within the past week, which is unusual. Before that my last sale was about 5 weeks ago.

Oh, and I voted first thing this morning :)

Sandra Evertson said...

Love your work!
Sandra Evertson

Kathy said...

I love fireflies! This summer our puppy was outside one evening and she just kept looking at the fireflies...not chasing them, just watching them in awe. It was wonderful. Congrats on the sale and thank you for visiting my blog!

gamakun said...

very nice toothpick usage, simple and easy. Viet with the Mac Attack?

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Luckily the line was just a half hour for me. I'm so glad the turn-out was huge!

Kelly Boss said...

hello again... ok. i saw our treasury on there.. and yes that "buyer" who posted was me ;) iknow im sneeky...hehe
i just loved your little oragami people!