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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a Nerd and I'm darn proud!

Yes since I got my glasses I've looked like the typical "nerd" but I'm no way ashamed of it. To celebrate that I created the "I'm not a Nerd" little guy above! I really enjoyed making his swirly eyes and the book. The book actually has little squiggles on the inside so it looks like it's an actual book! I'm going to make a girl one but since my sister took the camera to school (Cries big tears) I won't be able to get any new pics up! I have items ready to post so no worries! Alright this is dedicated to chic geek finds on etsy. The best way to search was not really using the word "geek, nerd etc" but more so a combo of that and something else more specific. Here's a taste of some of the ones I love.

Okay every person needs something warm to drink to get those brain muscles awake, be it tea, coffee or some nutritious concoction created solely to giving your brains a good shake awake. The ones above are these awesome chic cups and platters with nerd and dork on them. They look so stylish and perfect for those morning beverages and rise and shine kicker. These are brought to you by trixiedelicious. Remember these? These wonderful floppy disks? I grew up in the age of computers and I went from the original bendable floppy discs to those cds we use now. Heavensentcrafts brings back the wonderful usefulness of these floppy disks as notepads! Isn't that awesome? They're actual notebooks with covers of real floppy disks and great to write on since floppy discs are pretty hard and sturdy.

When i saw scientificculture in a virtual lab on etsy I fell in love with the whole store. Not only does it have little Issac Newton and Einstein finger puppets they have these cute little bacteria plushies! I know we don't like E. coli in our food but come on that plushie is so adorable! I'm a big fan because well I love studying microbiology so I was floored by the wonderful bacteria and they look so innocent don't they?

There are so many fantastic little finds for everyone that you are bound to find something you'll fall in love with! I'm already browsing and getting ready to let loose with my mouse.

BTW for those in the New York City there is going to be a craft fair called the Handmade Cavalcade where some of the New New York etsy team will be selling their wares. I'm going to check it out too =D. Click the link for more info!

This is Meek wishing you a super duper day!


Lindsey said...

Who could resist a cute little bacteria plushie! I love the geeky items on Etsy.

This periodic table pendant is one of my favorites from Etsy's Geekery Gift Guide:

LeelaBijou said...

How cool is everything you posted! oh the floppy disks, I´ve already forgotten ^_^

Angela said...

Great Etsy finds! I love the little glasses too!

Morrgan said...

Plush bacteria! They're certainly cuter than the ones I've worked with in the lab. ;) And those cups would be perfect for Mr Morrgan and I, but which would be the nerd and which the dork...?

Love that little geeky guy of yours too!

Xylia said...

Great finds! LOVE the cups!