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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Magnetic Personality?

Howdy from NYC! I was walking to my fridge to do my usual raiding when I saw all the little magnets my family has collected over the years. Most are the flat ones that double as business cards and what. I also have a magnetic board in my room that came with magnets that holds all my schedules and important notes. Well I made some magnets of my own which are the ones above! My Dizzy Busy Mom magnets, they have a good magnet on the back and sprayed with protective coating of acrylic. The biggest problem was finding good magnets. The ones I found were called "craft magnets" which are decent and I found them in Pearl Paint. Don't use the magnetic tape... I brought some and they don't work. I decided to do a bit of research on magnets for crafting. There are mainly three that I see... one is the craft magnets they're usually light and thin and only good for light items like paper and foam. They are the ones that usually come with self adhesive on the back (not guaranteed to work), next are ceramic magnets that are thicker and stronger versions of the craft magnets and those are the ones I use. They're also slightly heavier and you have to stick them on yourself with glue. I use Elmer's and it's held up fine on my board. The next are neodymium or (super) magnets, these are light, not that much more expensive then the other magnets requires you to stick them on and is very strong. The only ones I've used were ceramic and they hold a good 2-3 sheets of paper that's fine. I got my info from this Craft Store Online. By the way suppliers on etsy also sell these. Here are some of the great magnets I found on etsy. Above is from Mooremagnets. I see her a lot in forums and I love her magnets. She's specializes in magnetic boards that also include magnets in punchy colors and designs. What I like about the one above are that they are magnetic boxes that you can slip pencils/ pens and markers in them. Perfect to use on any magnetic board and you can always switch off the pen if you like or if it runs out of ink. Check it out!.

When I was browsing under magnets this little critter above just shot to me. It's this awesomely cute felted magnet! I love the texture, the simple designs and the colors! This is brought to you by the little new store MarcieMayFibers. I think they are just the cutest little things.
Okay I'm a little bias to origami paper and design so I really loved the ones from Gamiworks. These are chiyogami paper of tiny goldfish in clear tiles. It's like having a koi fish or goldfish pond on your fridge. What can be better then that? Plus it comes in that super convenient box!

Magnets are fun and can be dangerous if you don't use them correctly or swallow them. How can magnets be dangerous? Well for one eating one is highly NOT recommended. You laugh but there have been toy recalls because the magnets of toys came off so easily and kids ate them resulting in surgery. Here's a pretty darn important list for all you people with kiddies.

Toy safety tips for the holiday season:

For children under age eight, avoid toys that have sharp edges and points.

For children under age six, avoid sets with small magnets, which could cause serious injury or death if swallowed.

For children under age three, avoid toys with small parts, which could cause choking.

Helmets and safety gear should fit properly and be worn by children using riding toys, such as skateboards or in-line skates.

Improper use of projectile toys, such as rockets or darts, could result in serious eye injuries. The toys are for older children.

Keep toys appropriate for older children away from younger children.

Battery chargers and adapters can pose a burn hazard for children. Adults should supervise charging batteries and pay attention to warnings on the chargers.

Look to toy labels for age guidelines and safety recommendations.

Choose toys that suit the child's age, abilities and skills.

Select toys with a sturdy construction.

Discard all plastic wrap after gifts are opened.

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Anyhos this post became much longer then I expected. LOLOL..
This is Meek signing off!


Lindsey said...

I made a bunch of magnets a few years ago and gave them out as Christmas gifts. I think I used the ceramic ones too. I bought some cheap ones at first, and they would fall off the fridge if I opened the door too hard, or walked by too fast!

I LOVE gamiworks's store. I bought some supplies from her for glass pendants. Her items look so good, I couldn't resist trying to make my own.

Kelly Boss said...

we make all our magnets! i did get the "tape" once...they should specify that this will not hold anything up! ;) it only worked for holding up the paper i stuck to it!...
yours are cute! and good for you for not going the cheep route and making something that actually works... i love when cute stuff is functional too :)

LeelaBijou said...

Wow, so cool! I love them ^_^

Morrgan said...

What a coincidence, I just bought some ceramic magnets recently to make some fridge decorations. I almost got the neodymium magnets, but considering the fact that they are not supposed to come within a foot of a computer or other tech stuff that might be affected, combined with the amount of computers and said tech stuff we have at home, I figured it was safer to go for the ceramic ones. ;)

Thanks for the comment on my blog about a new aquatic creature to read up on, I'm always interested in finding new ones to learn about! The seas and their inhabitants are fascinating. =)

shells said...

Great post! I love your magnets, they are so different and super cute! I love finding things that are useful but not generic :) And that children's saftey list is awesome. I've worked in childcare for 11 years and some people literally have no idea what sort of things can be dangerous to kids!

April said...

Thanks so much for including my pen/pencil holder magnets in your post! They are so much fun!

I also opted to use ceramic magnets in all of my stuff, but not just because of the cost. The little silver ones kind of scare me since they are so powerful, and there are too many warnings associated with them.

Ceramic ones can hold plenty of paper without the scare factor!

Thanks again (and I love your magnets - they are sooo cute!)


gamakun said...

lol, that last part felt like one of those safety commercials. Looks like you are building quite the popularity. Sooner or later you may have your own store selling meekiyu and craft mats. Oh ya, come back to WoW XD.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Love your magnents, enjoyed the research and the safety tips are very on target.good post/

Kathy said...

Your new magnets are so cute!! I like magnets too and have a lot of them on my fridge! Thanks for visiting my blog...try the granola. It's SO good!!

Plaidfuzz said...

Very cute magnets!

Leigh said...

I love Magnets and was actually talking with a few as well to try to get my art on some for the holidays.

Yours are fantastic!!

My moon mood is gone thankfully, but woke up to a flat tire hahah, Maybe that is all it was.

Have a great weekend.

GumballGrenade said...

Very cute magnets! I love that you give tutorials on your blog! I also have to second that gamiworks has some fantastic items. It's hard not to be addicted with things made with such eye catching patterns!