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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mess... Destress

Is that like your room? Like what my chemistry teacher said everything in the word is always heading towards chaos. Well I'm a sporadic cleaner: my room gets messy and suddenly I go into a frenzy cleaning for hours then stop and my room goes back to being messy again. Now that I've started crafting a lot more I have stuff everywhere and my room is very very tiny. One day a stroke of genius hit me square between the eyes and I drew up the plans and my Dad helped me make this thing below:

No it's not one of those medieval torture devices though I suppose it can be used that way. It's my new rack for my origami. It can be used to hang so many different things and it took about half an hour to make. All you need is a good piece of wood, doesn't have to be super thick, maybe 1/4 of an inch thick and a whole bunch of straight thin nails. Now just space out where you want the nails to be and start hammering away. Also hit the nail so it bends up a bit so if you hang something it won't slide off. Either drill two holes on the top or have a looped screw to hang where ever you want. So I hung all my finished origami and it frees up tons of space on my desk for me to craft more and its great to organize your stuff. The beauty of this is that it lies fairly flat depending on how the thick the wood is and how far you hammer the nails in. The one above is hanging on the back of my door. Another great thing is that it's completely customizable. You can choose the size of the wood, the spaces between the nails. Heck you can make it like a long rectangle with thicker nails or wooden pegs to make a darn coat rack.I was looking though the web and found this nifty tutorial from on how to make your own pretty boxes out of shoe boxes and whatnot. The instructions are very simple and you can easily transport your stuff from home to craft fairs or whatever and use it as a display because it's so darn pretty.I really love these foldable boxes from Ikea. I love the simple designs and the fact that they are mesh like and come in a variety of sizes. It's about 8 dollars for 3 boxes. I'm a very big fan of any storage boxes or bags that are foldable so it saves a lot of space when you don't need to use them right away. There are tons of such items on Etsy and on the web or your local store. You can always find them on sale ever so often, so check it out. I know the extra bed drawers underneath my bed are a life saver I put all my heavy sweaters and hoodies there. Whenever it gets chilly it's right there and ready to be taken out and worn.

Until next time... don't get stressed over that mess =D


Hilaria Galleries said...

I love Garfield haha. In fact I just watched Garfield's special Christmas with my 2 year old the other day--fantastic! Just as good as it was 20 years ago. Anyway, good post about organizing; I know I feel so much better after I've cleared the clutter and have everything in it's place. It spurs the creativity bug!

pouch said...

what a great idea, simple but really effective and perfect for storing your work!

Jody said...

Along with the universe I, too, am often headed towards chaos. Fortunately I have this week off work to make things more, ah, antichaotic?

Kathy said...

That was nice of your dad to help make that and your little people look so cute all hanging there together. My husband made me a tall tower with sections to hold all of the paper I use to make my cards and it sure does save space and make things neater! I like storage boxes too!

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