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Friday, July 10, 2009

Break Time!

All time for a blog break! I've been working during any free time I have to make inventory for my artist alley table at Otakon. If you're in Baltimore or going to Otakon hop on by! Since I was taken off the waiting list two weeks before the venue now I must furiously work work work and I have no idea where my table is >_> or when they will give me that information! Above is one of my little images for the cards I will be selling. Link from the beloved Zelda series is one of my favorites! I think this is perfect for him and me. =D

I've made about 10 or more designs that showcase my love for anime, games, kawaii and quirky ideas in general. I opt to make cards because to me you can do more with a card... if you like it you can frame, if you want to you can send it someone, you can hang it anywhere and it comes with an envelope. Multifunctional art =D! I won't be putting these up in my shop until after the convention.

I've also been making tiny felt pins and right now I have 24 completed and 9 cut out and ready to be stuffed and sown together. I'm very nervous as I don't think I will have enough inventory since it's for 2.5 days... there's always the chance that they won't sell but I rather be safe then sorry =/.

One drawback with having a table is that you miss roaming around looking at cosplayers, panels and other entertainment. I'm grateful to my significant other for staying with me at the table even though I told him he can visit other things if he wants to. Some of the panels I'm interested in going to is the ones about cosplays like "how to make/photograph/make up" etc and the crafting ones like "how to make kawaii" etc. I think those would be very interesting! I also want to see some of the special screenings of anime like the hyped up Evangelion 1.0 I think that's what it's called.

Anyways going back to work work work!

Until next time... hasta manana!


Kathy said...

Just keep pluggin' away. You'll get it all done! Can't wait to hear how the show goes.

Pili said...

Remember that you too, like the heroes, need a break!
I'm sure you'll manage a decent invetory and will do great at the show!

shells said...

Just try to have fun doing what you need to do and you'll get it all done :) You have such awesome things, I can't imagine them not selling! Have fun at the show!