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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh the Darn Trial and Error Process

SO it's a little more then two weeks before Otakon (the largest anime convention on the East Coast) and I've created some new works inspired by it. Above is my to be released tonight Ninja Love card... I thought it was a funny idea and the concept was simple enough but the process to make the card was much harder. I had brought some very nice recycled blank cards and envelopes and thought it would be a simple task to just print on it. Alas... it turned out much harder and I tried every which way to center the image... and the way the ink showed up on the card paper did not satisfy my standards. So... I brought out my matte photo paper printed it out... cut them by hand and ran them though my beloved Xyron create-a-sticker machine. I swear this machine has saved my butt more then once. Seriously though if you want to try a hand at stickers the Xyron is very good... I got the 1.5" sticker maker and with all those coupons for Micheal's and AC Moore the machine and refills are relatively cheap.

The reason is that the regular glue I used warped the paper and I did not want to use glue stick or double sticky tape as I feel from my own personal experience is that they flake off quite quickly or didn't even adhere to the paper. By making the images as a permanent sticker it made the sticky quality cleaner, permanent and it allowed me to adjust the image right on the spot instead of on the computer. They turned out very nice! I'm planning to whip up some more to sell on July 25th at the Brooklyn Indie Market. Come check it out. =D

I also made some biology inspired cards that I had the outlines kept in my folder for a while but it was only now I got off my lazy caboose to do it.This one is taking a note from Blood types... there are three common types A, B and O with AB being the universal recipient and Type O being the universal donor. This shows the two types and the line "Universal Recipient of my Love." Yes a bit lame but I think it's quite funny and people know know may get a hoot out of it especially those in the medical and biology field. And I've tested my blood and I'm Type O meaning I'm a universal donor... so whoever needs a blood transfusion my blood is A-Ok for YOU unless your Rhesus negative but that's a whole other story. (no germies or any bugs at the moment).

Until next time... what drives you?


Pili said...

I love the blood types cards!

Veronica Darling... said...

Cuteness all round!

Rosebud Collection said...

So cute and clever. Heck, I am an O, but the negative type. Can give to O positive, but you can't return the favor.

LeelaBijou said...

So lovely new cards!! :)